Important Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Cat

Owning a cat can have different meanings to different people. For example, most people may want a cat to cuddle after a long day, while others may be better off with an independent cat that spends half of its time outdoors without needing much interaction with humans.

The most crucial fact is finding yourself a cat that will fully interact with you if you wish it to do so. All cats are not alike and how a cat behaves towards you all depends on its personality and experience or lack of experience, making a cat fearful or confident with humans and its present situation.

Cats, in general, make an amazing pet. Unlike loud dogs, they climb up and curl themselves in your lap to help you relax after a hard day. But, if you wish to get yourself a cat, there are certain things you need to know before making that life decision. Keep reading to find out.

1.   This Is A Lifetime Decision

Cats, in general, have a lifespan of 13-20 years. So if you wish to get a little pet buddy, you should understand that it will be a lifetime relationship that is likely to go on for a long time.

2.   Never Declaw Your Cat

Declawing a cat gets rid of the frontal defense and also a painful operation for your cat. A better option is clipping their nails regularly.

3.   Install A Scratching Post

Scratching allows a cat to keep its paws in healthy conditions. Therefore, the post should be made with strong and sturdy material, and it should be fairly tall. Also, ensure you sprinkle catnip on it twice a month to encourage your cat to make use of it regularly.

4.   Provide A Space For Your Cat

This does not suggest creating a large room with a lock on it. Instead, a room where only a few people have access to so as for your cat to make use of it for proper “me times.”

5.   Make Sure You Provide A Litter Box

Consider this a place of business for your cat. This should be placed in a specific part of the house that your cat is familiar with, and it should not be moved around as this will help you in handling your pet’s waste in a more practical way. In addition, you ought to clean up the litter box regularly to ensure cleanliness.

6.   Map Out Feeding Schedule

This applies to any household pets so as for them to know there is a specific feeding time that should not be skipped. In addition, listen to the advice of a veterinarian concerning the type of cat food you should serve your pet because certain foods can be harmful to your cat. For instance, grapes and raisins consist of food elements that the digestive system of a cat cannot handle. Again, this is a crucial situation whereby a consultation with a veterinarian can prevent your cat from being seriously sick.

7.   Regularly Groom Your Cat

Cats can be fastidious and can spend most of their time grooming themselves. Regularly brushing your cat will help in removing excess hair and avoid much shedding on your clean furniture. This also suggests lesser cases whereby your cat coughs hairballs.

8.   Make Sure Your Cat Is Indoor

The old view of keeping your cat out all day is no longer advisable. This doesn’t only attract breeding but extremely dangerous for your pet. Cats can easily contract parasites while outside. In addition, your pet might also be attacked by other larger animals.

9.   Consult A Veterinarian Regularly

Do you want to always ensure the sound health of your pet? One of the best ways is to catch the problem before it escalates into a crisis. Ensuring that your cat has at least an annual appointment with a veterinarian is enough to maintain good health.

A cat can be seen at various shelters, and ensure a veterinarian examines your cat straight away. Your newly adopted cat might have some health issues that need attention. When you bring your new cat home, you should give it some time to familiarize itself with the present environment. Cats love exploring, and you should offer your pet that wonderful privilege. If there are other pets present at home, you should endeavor to properly introduce your cat to each of them. What applies to food is also applicable to certain indoor plants. They can be harmful to your cat. Spot out the harmful ones and move them out of the reach of your cat.

Having a cat at home is fun and offers lots of companionship for you. Ensure to spend adequate time with your cat daily for the bond to be strong between you both. This is a life-changing relationship with a big deal of reward that comes along with it. So take advantage of it!