Important Things to Consider when Choosing a Dog Bed


Amid the many benefits that come with owning a pet, having a pup is one thing, but taking proper care of him is absolutely another. Many experienced pet owners actually say that owning a pet is almost as demanding as parenting a child. It’s no wonder pet owners are often called pet parents! Now, among other things, owning a pet such as a dog involves ensuring they get proper nutrition, veterinary care, comfort, and grooming, among other things to keep them healthy and happy.

Just like humans, dogs need a comfort zone; a place they can call their own… a place they can just lie down and rest after a long day or a decent meal. After all, who loves to see their dog jumping from the couch to the bed, leaving fur all over the place? Unhygienic – right? For these and more reasons, a dog bed can be a great investment for any loving pet owner. However, not all dog beds are the same. They come in different shapes, forms, and sizes. When buying a bed for your dog, you will also want to put his specific needs into consideration to ensure the utmost comfort. Here are some important things to consider when choosing a dog bed.


1. Your Dog’s Age

As you age with your best friend, it is important to understand that as they age, they get more prone to diseases like arthritis and other joint issues. Just like it is with humans, this also means that your dog’s sleeping needs will change with age. As you will discover from this helpful guide, an elevated dog bed protects your dog’s delicate joints and bones from impact with the floor. It also allows your dog to stay warm and dry when the weather is harsh.

Apart from helping protect their joints and bones, some dog beds are designed to discourage chewing. Some come with added cushioning and pillows to maximize comfort while giving your dog the feeling of sleeping on the couch. In general, common beds for aging dogs include:

Orthopedic dog bed: Ideal for dogs suffering from arthritis as it offers support to joints and bones.

A memory foam: Offers superior support to your pup’s muscles, joints, and bones. It is breathable, hence providing more comfort to your canine friend.

2. Breed

Different breeds grow and age differently. Smaller dogs are considered safer compared to bigger dogs when it comes to health risks. Also, bigger dogs have a larger weight and frame, hence temperature maintenance for them can be tricky. For larger dog breeds, a breathable bed can come in handy as it helps in maintaining temperature and spreading their weight evenly.

3. Sleeping style

Have you ever slept with someone and the next thing you know, there’s a leg on your face? These four-legged creatures are no different! They also have various sleeping positions. Some coil like a ball, some curl up, and some sprawl out, while some support themselves against something. Before you exchange that money for your friend’s bed, it’s best to study your dog to know the ideal bed for his sleeping style.

4. Activity level

We all love our dogs out in the hood playing and jogging with us. Isn’t that cool? Well, some if not most dogs spend more time outdoors and have higher energy levels. When walking around the neighborhood, these pooch friends also tend to collect a lot of germs and dirt. If yours is such, you’ll need a removable bed cover so you can have it cleaned frequently to prevent infections and observe proper hygiene for your dog.

5. Your dog’s specific preferences and sleep needs

The more you stay with your dog, the more you learn his pattern and behavior. You may find that your pup prefers sleeping in your bed but not on the couch. Maybe it’s because the textures differ and it’s more comfortable on your bed. When shopping for a dog bed, these factors can help you decide which materials, design, or comfort levels to go for. The last thing you want is to buy your pup a bed they will end up ditching.

6. Your Dog’s Weight

Just as sleep is important to you, so is it to your pawed friend. You will need to get the right mattress size for your dog. A heavy pup won’t need the same bed as a lighter one. When shopping, be specific on the weight of your dog as that will be a guiding light on your purchase. The seller can advise you rightfully before you make your purchase.


Comfortable rest for your dog will keep them happy and healthy. This will also be transferred to you and the bond between the two of you will grow. With the above factors in mind, finding a haven for your pet becomes easier and less frustrating.