Imperfectly Perfect Food Art by Christall Lowe

Christall Lowe is a food stylist and photographer based out of Manawatu in New Zealand. She is also a cook, a recipe developer, an established artist and a serial entrepreneur. At the same time, she has a big family – three children, which keeps her quite busy and she spends the rest of her time on photographing food, product and lifestyle images for both large and small food brands, restaurants and cafes, publications and top chefs. She blends her creativity with her eye for detail, scale, composition, light and all the technical things to capture these food compositions. She says; “My specialty is creating detail rich, moody photographs with a lot of depth, guiding the viewers eye through a shot that has been thoughtfully styled and considered. And moody doesn’t just mean dark. I also produce light and bright food photography with an ethereal sense of mood and depth that captivates the senses.” She also adds; “Sometimes I’m in my own kitchen producing dishes according to a brief or developing recipes for clients, and sometimes I’m capturing the amazing work of world class chefs. No two days are the same and I love it. My images have been used on everything from billboards to website banners, food packaging to the side of buses, cinema screen adverts to cookbooks. It’s my dream to produce an entire cookbook for someone.” We are great fans of this type of still life photography, if you are so, Christall’s photos will surely please your eyes. Here you can see our selection from her portfolio.