How You Can Train Your Dog in Seven Easy Steps

Dogs are one of the most common pets. The desire to train your dog some new tactics or communicate without your dog might lead you to decide on dog training. Dog training is the process of applying the analysis of specific behaviors by using the environment to trigger specific responses.

Dog training can be performed either at home or in individual training institutions. However, there is no limit to what time you can decide to start it. The owner themselves can do the training if they have the right attitude and knowledge.

If the dog owners don’t know how to train their dogs, they can take some dog training courses either by attending some training events or learning online. The latter is very popular option, because online training courses are cheaper, you can watch these again if necessary and these can save you a bunch of time. On top of that, you can just take these lessons which you feel are important for your dog at the moment.

Another reason why online courses are so popular is because people can watch the lessons from the best trainers no matter where they live. In the past, people used to travel all across the states to Albuquerque to take Steffi Trott’s live lessons, fortunately, all her best courses are now available online at SpiritDog Training’s website.

Seven Steps to Take in Dog Training

You can decide to take seven steps to make your dog learn some new techniques or tactics. They are relatively easy, and anybody can start on them at any time. You will be impressed by the outcome.

By performing the dog training yourself, you will have more time to bond with your dog. Bonding helps the pet to owner relationship. The dog can be calmer around you, making it easier for the process to occur. The steps to achieve a fully trained dog is:

1. Choosing what you want to teach your dog

Before starting on the train, making a choice will determine what method to use and the outcome expected. Different ways may result in effects that are different. You can decide on training your dog on how to sit and start on the training.

However, it would help if you considered your dog’s behavior before choosing what you want them to do. You may decide on your dog sitting down when requested to limit from loitering on every part of your house.

Each behavior training method must be approached easily no matter how difficult it seems that there will be no difficulty at the end of the day, but you must teach your dog in a small mode. You start by tackling the less difficult to the most difficult.

2. Implementing the behavior

After identifying what behavior you want your dog to have to manifest, the action should be your next aim. Still, you must note that some behaviors happen more regularly than others. An example is sitting.

Then you must ensure that the environment your training triggers the dog to perform certain activities naturally. A domain can lead to specific movements taking place. An example of teaching is drawing a circle to train your dog on how to spin.

3. Enticing your dog to perform the activities or movement

This can be done by using food. You can place the food on your hand and order your dog to a specific position that you want, and every time you have food on your hand, the dog will relate it to that position.

4. Breaking the behavior into smaller tasks

It is enjoyable and comfortable, and you can be sure to achieve very positive results. A challenging behavior may require several steps before reaching the final results, but you will be assured of exemplary results by breaking it into portions.

You can also relate a particular skill to another that the dog has. It will ease the process and pose no difficulty in the process. Even the process can be prolonged, but you are assured of good results after it has already taken place.

5. Waiting for the behavior to occur independently

This means that you will have to be patient to wait for the action to see what results in it leads to. At this point, you can determine whether the second step of training has been successful or not.

6. Strengthening the behavior

This involves acting regularly. The more the number of times it is done, the more the dog will do it on its own. However, you must note that enticing should be the most crucial step you take for your dog to coordinate accordingly when considering a new behavior.

Also, enticing utilizes the available resources such as dog food, but you must be keen on what behavior you instill in it. This will ensure that the dog does not adopt a different behavior from the one you wanted.

7. Practice

Practicing is the final step, which makes the behavior permanent. As they say, practice makes perfect; therefore, by practicing the behavior, your dog will perfect it. If you do not ensure your dog practices the action regularly, it may eventually fade away.

However, you must start the process in an area with fewer distractions before advancing to the busier ones. If you begin in areas with many distractions, your dog may experience difficulty implementing the behavior.

After ensuring that your dog is focused, you can decide to add on more related skills to the new talent that your dog has. The dog can easily relate one skill to a similar one; hence, it will not have difficulty acquiring another new skill.


They say a dog is the most loyal pet and friend. By this it clearly shows why many pet owners prefer having a dog as a companion. Your desire for owning a dog pet should not be shut down by the fear of having a dog that loiters around everywhere.

Dog training is a common trend in the world, and by embracing it, you will be able to have a calm pet that can be sent on errands around the house. If you are a dog owner, you should think of training it so that you will not only have a pet but a friend.

Training dog centers are evenly distributed in all parts of the country, and hence you should not worry about where you can find a trainer or the cost of finding. They are also cost-friendly.

If you have a dog, you can get a suitable trainer to train your dog, or if you want to train the dog yourself, you can attend instructor lessons.