How to Protect Your Tattoos in Summer Season

Summertime is the best season of the year for most people in Australia. It’s a time of the year when we want to expose as much skin as possible as we enjoy the sun’s warmth. Outdoor life is usually the norm for all those warm summer days.

However, if you recently got inked, you need to take good care of your tattooed skin. You don’t want to spoil such an investment. Here are several ways of taking care of both your new and old tattoos during the summer.

Cover your Tattoo

Planning to show off your new tattoo this summer? Bad idea! Tattooed skin needs to be sheltered from direct sunlight as much as possible.

Exposure to the sun makes tattoos fade faster than usual. Using sunscreen and exposing the tattoo is not also a great idea.

The oils in the sunscreen may affect the healing process. If your tattoo is on the legs, wear light or a loose-fitting legging to cover it. Loose shirts will work perfectly for tattoos on the arms.

Wear Sunscreen

Putting on sunblock is a great way to keep your skin wrinkle-free and protect you from the destructive effects of the sun. Failure to use sunscreen will make your tattoo wrinkle and lose its ink.

Can you imagine a wrinkly and faded tattoo on your skin? To mitigate these effects, use SPF 30 sunblock or a stronger one, and apply it as often as directed by the manufacturer. Keep your skin moisturised all the time.

You can also use lotion, John and Johnsons is a good option, especially for healing tattoos. Whichever you pick, unscented and mild is better for newly tattooed skin.

Nutrition and the Skin

We all know, lots of water keeps the wrinkles away. Nutrition says that the best way to keep healthy is to fight from inside out. The sunscreen is good, but it’s an outward combat.

The skin needs a lot of water to remain adequately moisturised, so drink plenty of water. Nothing is more beautiful than supple skin, and your tattoo will shine brighter against this backdrop.

You should also see to it that you eat foods that strengthen the skin. Foods like tomatoes, watermelons, bell peppers all have nutrients to promote your skin’s health.

Stay Out of the Water

With the hot summer, you may be tempted to jump into the pool. However, if you have a fresh tattoo, hold off swimming for some time.  Pool water that has been used by masses of people is not where you want to expose your sensitive skin. There are flesh-eating bacteria, and you don’t want to take chances. Also, the treatment used in public pools may cause an infection to your fresh tattoo.

Tanning in the Sun is a ‘No.’

If this is what you were looking forward to doing, look for other tanning options. You can consider spray tanning or any other sun-free tanning. Basking under the sun is a freedom you have to give up, at least in the hot summer rays.

To Sum It Up

Hopefully, these tips will help you protect your tattoos while you enjoy your summer holidays. To ensure your tattoo stays beautiful, make sure to use your best judgment before exposing it.