How to Pick the Best Christmas Gift Hampers for Dad?


Your father has been there from the beginning, from your first bike fall, the broken hearts you have experienced, driving instructions and even some hand me downs, like your quick marinade recipes or baseball gloves that you treasure. So how about hitting him back with some love by getting the best Christmas gift hamper.

We know a gift won’t even out the proverbial balance, but the thought is what will warm up his heart. We have compiled a short list of creative gift hampers that could go a long way in impressing your father.

The perfect Christmas gift hampers for dad.

  • For the BBQ lover, the master hamper will impress.

If your father loves spending his time by the grill during family get together, then a BBQ Chef is the hamper for him. He will enjoy his favourite snack as he barbeques his famous beef burgers. The hamper can have several items; a matching apron and glove, for him to look good as he grills, a smoky tasty barbeque sauce, some roasted red pepper salsa and delicious Totops tortilla chips. Have all this in a signature gift box with a beautiful ribbon and a gift card for you to write sweet words for him.

  • Grooming Men’s Hamper

Proper grooming strongly defines a man’s character, and if your dad is not into barbeque, then a grooming gift hamper is ideal. Making your dad look and feel good is all in this hamper, thanks to Gentleman’s hardware brush that comes with its stand, a 150ml shaving cream, and 100ml post-shave lotion. And since his shoes have to shine and complement his grooming look, we have included a Gentleman’s Hardware shine and buff for his boots.

  • A beer hamper for the beer lover.

Most dads unwind next to the fire, or outside at his patio, with a beer as he takes in the day’s events. If all this sounds familiar, then a beer hamper would be the way to go. What makes this hamper special is the assortment of international beer, from a 350ml Heineken Lager, Stella Artois Lager, Corona Extra Lager Long Neck, PeroniNastroAzzuro. And as you know a good beer needs to be accompanied with delicious snacks like some Johnson Wasabi peanuts, some original beef jerky, smoked almonds, and much more. If this beer hamper does not resonate love for a beer lover, we don’t know what will.

  • Then a whisky connoisseur hamper could work.

Maybe beer is not for him; then whisky is your go-to option. This hamper will blow his mind with the rarest and finest whiskies that most crave. Did we mention the whisky is aged 12 years or more, and have been sourced from the four corners of Scotland? It includes a 12-year-old Johnnie Walker Black, 101 Legendary whiskies, and two whisky glasses to complement the whole package.

These gift hampers come in a gift box, wrapped in tissue and finished off with a ribbon to bring together the whole package. There is also a gift card for you to write a personal message, of you have been wondering the best gift hamper for your dad, then we are sure the list we have compiled above will make it easier for you.