How to Mix Modern with Rusty Home Decor

When you are designing the dream home of your life, you would want it to be best. It is the home you always wanted and will have for a long time. And if you are facing a dilemma whether to go with marvelous modern home decor or rugged rusty home decor you are at the right place.

We will tell you how you can mix them and form a stunning interior design that will make your guests in awe. And even if you don’t have any design planned, this design works for all. So, stay with us, and you’ll get some inspiration and guidance to start designing your home this way.

Rustic Woods and Mod Light

You can use the rustic woods in ceiling, table and combine them with modern chandelier and mod lights to make a sweet mixture of home decor. This combination will give an antique rusty look and enjoyment of the contemporary beauty of lights and other accessories. Knotted wood generally looks from a long era and may provide the look you need. You can pair it with hardwood floors, candlesticks, mid-century chairs, credenza, and many more design elements to even get a better look.

Vintage showpiece at modern places

You can put some old collectibles and other art and showcase it at modern designed walls. When it comes to going rustic, it is all about the details. You can go for a simple wooden bowl with modern furniture to add the rustic element to your design. You can also check out some custom canvas prints which will add the rustic essence to your house. Using rustic elements in a room will give a rusty look you need, and when combined with modern patterned wall designs, the art will glitter like gold.

Crossover Materials

Blend the old vintage style with modern features so that you do not miss out on anything and get that rusty look. Many modern designs use old materials in new shapes and make them innovative. And if you go for rustic designs, the tones are muted and generally use antique and raw elements. You shouldn’t pair the rustic home decor with cheaper materials and choose wisely.

There are also some options where you put the older materials in new arrangements. Instead of going for numerous pieces of furniture you should go for solid-toned paint and gloss finishes. Rustic materials also include stainless steel, aluminum countertops and hammered brass which you can use to modernize your kitchens and bathrooms.

Minimalist design

Even the world’s most exceptional designer believes in keeping the plans as minimalistic as possible. Adding a lot of things to get your desired look will only fill your home with clutter. You will be able to make your home modern but also have a slight rustic essence in your house.

While choosing a look for your kitchen, you don’t need to go for rustic materials like shiny tiles and plastic, but you can go with slightly warmer materials and mold them into modern features for your kitchen. Find your sweet spot and create a perfect balance between modern and rustic home decor.

Color balancing

A rustic home comes with more muted colors and less vibrant colors. You can use natural colors like beige, light green, cream, or any other which doesn’t disturb the eyes and look pleasing. One of the most popular modern colors is white. You can use white colors but balance with some contrasting colors to brighten your house. Keep things simple with a neutral touch of color, and things will start to look sweet.

Open Floor Plan

Another way by which you can combine the rustic home decor with modern is by using an open floor plan. You can use large windows or glass doors opening up to natural plants and gardens. This plan will give your house a rustic, earthy look, and the modern design of doors and windows will create a great dignity.

You can also use this type of plan in dividing two separate areas like two rooms, dining and kitchen area. The program will help get you natural sunlight benefitting in your health and finances as well. And the area will seem in a continuity giving extra space.

Mixing the textures

To create the rusty surfaces in a modern design, you can add natural and raw materials to provide you with the feel you need. There are many materials like deadwood, rustic staples, old barn doors, or wooden crates. You can choose mirrors with wooden frames, woven baskets so that your house feels more organic and natural. Wood is the best thing to add textures to anything in your home.

And to mix modern design with these textures, you can choose metal appliances along with these textures. For example, you can add subway tiles in your kitchen to give a slightly modern look to it. This way, you will be able to mix both kinds of materials use their texture and add innovation and creativity to your house.

There will be a million ways to mix rustic and modern designs, but the best one lies inside your mind. Everyone should have their way to decorate their home. Get inspiration from each and everyone but make your home yourself. Consider yourself lucky if you have the choice to choose your design for your own home, don’t take it lightly and make the best out of it. Besides filling your house with wooden furniture and modern lights fill it with some memories, and that will make your home perfect.


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