How to Mix and Match Furniture for Your Living Space

Aside from the usual classic, contemporary and antique styles, a plethora of combinations can transform your home into a true expression of who you are. Things don’t have to match up for them to work well together. This is where your imagination can take be given free rein! Before furnishing, it’s important to visualise the outcome you desire. Keeping an open mind is critical as you never know when a unique combination will pleasantly surprise you!

Living Room:

The furnishings in the hub of the house represent your tastes to all who enter your abode and, to a large extent, set the tone for the rest of the house. The sofas, coffee table, TV stand and even carpets used all have their own role to play, providing endless options for customisation. Contemporarily styled sofas are enhanced by glossy, modern TV stands, but a minimalist steel and wood retro-style coffee or console table is an ingenious way to add a subtle oomph to the room’s palette. Have a chesterfield sofa smack in the centre of the living room? Ornately carved mirrors and side tables can complement and soften its look, and at the same time hold their own charm. A lush carpet, some colourful abstract art and a couple of single, bright coloured sofas add an essential pop of colour to any living room with antique furniture.

Dining room:

If the living room is the heart of the house, the dining room is its brain (and stomach!). Giving ample chances for creative furnishing in its own way, the first thing to attend to is the dining table. Whether you prefer wooden dining tables or glass ones, these will serve as the centrepiece around which the rest of the furniture revolves. While chairs with steel finishing are often used on glass tables, they further help to accentuate high gloss as well as marbled tables. Wooden dining benches are well suited to be used around wooden dining tables instead of chairs and proffer a fusion of casual and antique vibes to the setting. Not to forget sideboards, this room-enhancing piece of furniture can be glass to suit high gloss tables, steel framed for wooden furniture, or wooden for a more traditional feel.


Mixing up bedroom furniture is highly refreshing for the soul! Whether one would like to match their light wood bed with a high gloss mirrored wardrobe or get a different bedroom chair to complement their fabric bed, when it comes to mix and match in the bedroom, the sky is the limit. Mirrored, steel and high gloss bedroom furniture are easily combined for an adventurous yet homogenous look. Wooden dressers serve as an element of interest in a room with a fabric bed set. Looking to add another dimension to up that chic factor? A round Pouffe Ottoman or one with a velvet finish can be very eye-catching without looking out of place.

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