How to Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Appreciated

You have picked you best friends to stand with you on your big day and they have all agreed. Congratulations! Your girls will be with you from the minute you are engaged, planning the wedding and make the event unforgettable. How in the world can you ever thank them?

You can never thank them enough but you can get them gifts to appreciate them. Which gifts should you choose? Find something they will all love and make use of in future.

Here are 12 best bridesmaids gift ideas.

1. Collage Photo Blankets

Pictures keep memories alive and this is what photo blankets are all about. These are custom made blankets with picture collage printed on them. The pictures can be photos of you and the bridesmaids on your recent photo shoot or something each of them loves. T

he fact that you can have as many photos as you want makes a collage photo blanket the perfect gift. What is more? You get to choose the fabric the blanket is made of. If one of more girls are allergic to fleece, you can opt for cotton woven blankets while still having the collage photos of your choice.

2. A Tote Bag

All ladies love tote bags because of how versatile they are. Your girls will too! Get them nice bags they can carry to the wedding and there after they will be great beach bags.

3. A Thoughtful Gift Box

Gift boxes have been around for ages and it could work for you. You only need to make its components unique. You may choose to have a shawl in there, comfy pajamas, or a fancy gown. Throw in some small gifts as well like bangles, earrings and necklaces. Remember to add personalized touches like having each of the bridesmaids’ names on each gift item. On the box, have a message engraved appreciating them for being such great friends.

4. Vitamin C Serum

Skin care regime is a very important part of every girl’s life. And to get their skin perfect for the day, consider a brightening serum. Vitamin c serums are great for anti-aging to brightening. After use, the skin remains firm and fades out pigmentation. Their faces will be smooth and radiant on your big day. Do not forget to get a bottle for you as well!

5. Their Wedding Accessories

Your girls are buying their dresses and shoes, and they are paying their transport to and from the wedding. The least you can do is try to ease their burden. Buy their accessories for the wedding and they will appreciate. Get them matching earrings, necklaces, anklets, and hair clips. They will wear this on the wedding and on many other events after, remembering you every time.

6. Personalized Pocket Mirrors

A little touch up here and there keeps a girl looking perfect. Get your bridesmaids, customized pocket mirrors with their names on them. They will use these to help them keep looking amazing and they will really appreciate the thoughtful gift.

7. Branded Notebooks

If you have the kind of friends who keep journals or take notes, this is your time to impress them. Talk to a printer and make customized notebooks, journals or diaries for them. Leave a personalized message on the cover so the gift feels special.

8. Framed Pictures

Each of these ladies is your friend and you must have a cute picture of the two of you. Whether it is a picture you took as children with your childhood best friend, a crazy picture you took on a night out or a group picture, frame it. Give the framed photo to your bridesmaids as a gift and they can hang it in their rooms. They will remember the good days even as your journeys in life drift you apart.

9. Spa treats

If you can afford to send all your bridesmaids on a holiday, do it. If not, get them tickets to a treat at a spa. This will help them relax and be ready for the big day. It is also a good way to socialize and allow the girls get to know each other.

10. Makeup and Hair

On you bachelorette’s party, tell all the girls that their makeup and hair is on you! They will be so thrilled to save some money. Plus, you can get a discount since you will pay as a package.

11. Coffee Mugs

These have been the go-to gift items for anniversaries, birthdays and all sorts of occasions. For your girl squad, you can do the same but think of each lady as you choose the design. Gift everyone a mug with a design they love. At the bottom, imprint the wedding date to remind them of this special day they stood with you.

12. Comfy Flat Shoes

You want your bridesmaids to look elegant with high heels on your wedding day, and they will. However, think of how crazy it is to dance in high heels. Get them comfortable flat shoes they can wear during the evening party. Choose a nice design that suits their outfits and they will have a good time while your wedding photos still look amazing.