How to Keep Your New Smartphone Looking New All the Time

Smartphones have become an integral part of our society. In the UK and US alone, about two-thirds of the population own smartphones. And most of these people view their handheld devices as an essential vehicle to use for getting online.

Another issue is that smartphones do not come cheap. The android phone costs $254 on average, while the iPhone costs $687 on average. So if your pockets are deep enough you are more likely to pay a lot of money for a smartphone.

On the other hand, due to the price factor, many people make a big sigh when they need to replace their phone because it will certainly sink their bank balance. But you need not worry, if you look after your smartphone well enough it will look newer for longer. Below is a checklist of what you can do to protect your smartphone, starting with cases from here:

Buy a strong case

Accidentally dropping your phone and breaking its screen is the worst thing ever. It happens quite often and there’s never a guarantee that fixing it after that happens will be possible.

Cases come in many shapes and sizes and are designed for every model on the market. If you know that you are prone to drop it, then getting a case to protect your phone against “the fall” is a good idea. Although adding a case will result in your phone being heavier, getting a case is definitely worth it.

Buy a screen protector

To protect your screen from cracking or from any liquids, consider buying a screen protector. Some cellphone screens are made of strong material and may not require one. But a screen protector can keep your screen intact if you happen to drop your device. It also protects your screen from any scratches which can affect the functionality of your phone.

Keep it away carefully

Unless you have a really strong screen protector or case, you should avoid placing your car and house keys in the same pocket as your other stuff. This is because any scratch you may find on the center of your screen can destroy any fun you may have with your touch screen.

Avoid extreme temperatures and liquids

Most individuals don’t place their phones in water on purpose, but most people forget they have their phones in their pockets when jumping to the pool or beach. So just be extra careful.


Make an effort to keep your phone clean. Even if you can’t see dust particles, they can make their way into your smartphone, even if supported by a screen protector or a case. If too much dust accumulates on your phone you will find that it will affect the performance of your phone.

To prevent all of this, all you need to do is buy a soft screen cleaning cloth and use a suitable screen cleaner to give your screen a gentle wipe to prevent the build-up of dust.

The tips above have given you direction on how to take care of your smartphone to keep it running smoother for longer. Hope you’ve taken them to heart.