How To Keep Your Feline’s Shedding Under Control

For many of us, our pets are our best friends and we love going home to be greeted by our furry friend waiting patiently at the door. Many of us use them as agony aunts and talk to them about what happened in our day and they’re the perfect candidate to do so as they will always be there to just sit and, despite the fact they can’t understand, listen to us. Having pets comes with so many wonderful benefits, but some things can get on our nerves, the biggest one being hair all over the place!


Here are some ideas to help keep your feline shedding under control.


One thing everyone forgets is that cats need to be brushed regularly, there’s only so much they can do with their little tongue. They will, of course, be absolutely fine without you brushing them, but you can be sure that there will be a lot of cat hair around the house if you don’t. If you like a clean home, then I would suggest grooming your cat at least once a week if you have a long-haired breed, and if you have a short-haired then it will probably be a little less than that. The pet experts at say that shedding is completely natural and actually a sign of a healthy coat, but it’s best to stay on top of it. There are plenty of products out there so have a look to see which one is going to be most effective for your breed of cat.


A cat’s diet is essential to their health and we should all understand that, but not many of us realize that a healthy coat is always down to what they eat. Ensuring your cat has a balanced, nutritious diet will enable them to grow and maintain a beautiful, shiny coat. This also means that there will be less dead hair around the house. Cats need vitamins too and require certain foods to stay healthy. Benefits from foods such as oily fish can help with their skin and coat. If you want to talk to someone about this then get in contact with your vet, they will be more than happy to discuss all things diet-related!


When you first get your kitten, you have a choice to make depending on where you live and what you believe is best for the cat. Are you going to keep them as an indoor cat or an outdoor cat? Concerning shedding hair, keeping them indoors will actually make them shed less than if they can roam outside. This is because they aren’t exposed as much to the weather which can trigger certain shedding cycles that come when seasons change.


Keeping a cat comes with a whole bunch of responsibilities and we must know what they are before entering into 10-15 years of their life. We need to make sure that we will be able to look after them in a way that creates a happy life for them. We should ensure we are always going to be able to feed them, and if we go away, find someone to look after them. Keeping your cat well-groomed not only keeps the house tidy but also keeps them looking glorious.