How to Choose the Perfect Promise Ring for Your Partner?

You are probably wondering what a promise ring is. A promise ring is like an engagement ring in many ways. Sometimes it precedes an engagement ring. Other times it might not symbolize marriage in the future, but it symbolizes the love and commitment two people have for each other. That is why it is perfect for couples who might never want to get married but want to show the other person his or her dedication to the other person. They represent loyalty and exclusivity, even though there might not be an engagement or marriage in the future.


Although promise rings are symbolic, it depends on the person buying them hope much they want to spend. Most people want to limit their budget if they are going to spend more on an engagement ring later. That is why a lot of people go for yellow diamond rings which are usually less expensive than colorless diamond rings.


But aren’t colored diamonds supposed to be more expensive than colorless diamonds? It is true that most colored diamonds are rarer, and thus costlier than colorless diamonds. But diamonds with a fancy yellow can be less expensive than colorless diamonds unless the color is fancy intense or fancy vivid. Deeper colors tend to be more expensive than lighter colors and colorless diamonds.

How Do People Wear Promise Rings?

Even though there is no designated promise ring finger, people often choose to wear it on the ring finger till they get an engagement ring. Once there is an engagement ring or a wedding ring to replace the promise ring, people move it to another finger of their choice (and fit). Some people also choose to wear it on the right-hand ring finger.

How Much Do Promise Rings Cost?

The price of a promise ring will depend on the diamond you want to choose and the settings. You can choose to purchase one online, which might cost you a little less. But make sure that you buy from a reputed store even if it is online. You should also ask for a GIA certification to ensure that it is a natural diamond and not a lab-grown synthetic diamond.


Even though lab-grown diamonds are much cheaper than natural diamonds, they are what you pay for them. Lab diamonds are worthless and have zero resale value. Many reputed diamond makers are making lab-grown diamonds that are much more affordable. They might sound cheaper, but if you compare the costs, you can get a tinted or yellow diamond for that price. Lab-grown diamonds can have the same chemical and optical qualities as a real diamond.


If you are on a limited budget, buy a smaller yellow diamond than a colorless diamond. You can also choose a diamond less than one carat, or from a color grade of G, H, I, or J. The color tint from these grades is not visible to most human eyes, but they are much less expensive than a colorless diamond or higher grades.

The Alternatives

When it comes to rings, there can never be a substitute for a diamond. But if you are sure that your partner will be happy without a diamond promise ring, here are a few alternatives.

Antique Rings

If your loved one has an old soul, and a lover of all things old, you can consider an antique ring. Antique jewelry often uses gemstones and settings that are not easily available today. You can also look for antique diamond rings from before 1950 that are less expensive. However, if budget is not your constraint, you can also look for antique or vintage diamond rings that have a certificate of authenticity or appraisal.


Moissanites are shinier than diamonds but not as expensive. Moissanites are not fake diamonds. They are real gemstones that have a different chemical characteristic than a diamond. They also have a slightly gray cast that cannot be distinguished by looking at it.

White Sapphire

While sapphires are also colorless like diamonds but cost about one-fourth the price of a diamond. White sapphires are less brilliant than diamonds, so you might want to get a cushion or a pear cut to increase its brilliance.

Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is the least expensive diamond look-alike. They look very similar to diamonds but cost one-tenth the price of a real one. Only a trained eye can spot the difference between the two. They get produced synthetically, so they do not have any flaws.


You can also choose the birthstone of your loved one. It will look unique and cost you much less than a diamond. Some semi-precious stones that can be put on promise rings are sapphires, emeralds, opals, and ruby.


Whichever ring you choose, you must remember that a promise ring symbolizes the love you have for each other, and no one can put a price on that. You should choose whatever makes the two happy.