How to Choose Pre K School in Brooklyn?

Most parents dream of a good kindergarten as close to home as possible. But can the location of the kindergarten be considered a decisive factor in choosing it? Your little one will spend the whole day in kindergarten. And if a child spends the whole day in uncomfortable conditions, then by the evening he will obviously be irritated and tired. Little scholars, pre k in Brooklyn, is a team of specialists working in the field of family, motherhood, and childhood interests. We are professional, versatile, and unique. An individual approach to the needs of each family member at any stage of development.

At pre k school,children are little scientists who have a natural desire to discover something new. This is a place where conditions have been created that encourage a child to observe the world around him and be surprised at everything around him, gaining knowledge through research, which makes it possible to be independent. Educators create an atmosphere in which each child can receive, live, and become aware of their own experience.

What is a pre kindergarten program?

Pre k in Brooklyn pay special attention to the period of acquaintance and adaptation of the baby, the whole further process is built on this, it is impossible to form trust in the child twice, the first experience will forever remain in memory and will be the primary reaction to similar situations in life.  Pre kindergarten program for 4 years old kids is developed in accordance with the requirements of the basic component of preschool education, including in its structure the most effective elements of advanced development methods.

The program of 4 year old preschool is designed and aimed at:

  • cognition of yourself, your body, feelings and emotions, your capabilities and abilities;
  • knowledge of the surrounding world;
  • development of cognitive processes;
  • the ability to ask questions and think logically;
  • the ability to analyze and see the causal relationship as a result of their activities;
  • the ability to communicate, negotiate, build relationships of cooperation and interaction;
  • learn to accept and respect others;
  • to learn to appreciate everything that surrounds us, to protect nature, to take good care of resources;
  • the ability to express your feelings and emotions.

Here, your child can experience many interesting ways and techniques for playing together, learn new nursery rhymes, songs, finger games, learn self-service skills, communication skills.

And therefore, each lesson is aimed at:

  • the development of all mental processes: attention, imagination, thinking, speech, sensation and perception, memory;
  • fundamentals of mathematical representations (counting, composition of a number, shape and size, ratio of quantities, ratio of numbers and numbers);
  • exercises for the development of logic, figurative thinking, attention and memory, imagination;
  • development of physical skills (development of fine, gross motor skills, basic motor skills);
  • preparatory exercises for reading (perception and differentiation of alphabetic characters in words from 3 years old);

The results, as a rule, become noticeable to parents after a few months, when the baby fully adapts to adults, other children, to the system of classes. The main goal is to educate in children a harmoniously developed personality, with a fully functioning brain, a creative person.