How to Build an Antique Wishing Well at Home

You have two choices when building an antique wishing well. The first is to create one that is just for show and has a little water in the bottom. The second, more attractive option, is to create an actually well that the antique structure can sit on top of.

This is the more attractive option but, you will need to get hold of some earth augers to make creating the borehole simple. This will allow you to access water deep underground and use it for the well. You can then wind it up with a bucket or use an electric pump to create a water supply for your garden.

The borehole is only part of the equation, here’s how to make your antique wishing well:

Choose The Location

In most cases, it’s easier to create the wishing well where you want to keep it. Unless you’re building a small wishing well it won’t be easy to move after completion.

Take a few moments to consider what you’ll be using the wishing well for, this will help you to decide the perfect location for it. You can then drill your borehole to give access to the wishing well water.

Create Your Design

One of the simplest designs is a hexagonal shape. This is six-sided in a similar style to antique wishing wells. Of course, you can create any shape and size well you want, the choice is yours. That’s why you need to take the time to visualize and draw the wishing well.

It’s best to have the design on paper as you’ll be able to create the dimensions, this will make it easier when cutting the wood and preparing your project.

Get Your Supplies

The beauty of drawing the design first means what you can work out exactly what you’ll need to complete the project. The main material will be wood. Your design will tell you how wide each piece of board needs to be and how long, giving you a total number of boards needed. This can then be converted to buy the right amount of wooden planks in your chosen material.

You’ll also need screws, drill bits, a cordless screwdriver, chunky wood for the corners, and a pool liner.

Cut Your Wood

With all your supplies ready you can cut the wood to create the pieces for your well. A standard six-sided well will probably need four pieces of wood per side, that’s 24 pieces of wood, all at the same length.

At each corner, there will be a bigger piece of woof. You can screw the side pieces of your well into the bigger piece from inside the well. This keeps the screws hidden although you should always drill the holes first to ensure the wood doesn’t split as you screw into it.

This will give you the frame of your well.

Add The Liner

Your well can be positioned directly over your borehole. If you wish you can skip the liner and install a pump inside the well that will allow you to access the water when needed. But, if you want the authentic look you’ll want to line the inside of the well with a pond liner.

Add a submersible pump and put the pump inlet pipe through the base of the liner, down the borehole. You’ll want to seal around the inlet pipe to prevent water from draining out of the well. You can then bring the water up from your borehole and fill the antique well.