How Much Does it Cost to Grind out Tree Stumps?

Trees are a magnificent addition to the landscape and make the simplest of gardens more attractive. They can provide shelter from the sun’s rays, and help to cool a home.

They are also very attractive to younger members of the family when it comes to climbing and building treehouses. There are many times though when tree removal becomes unavoidable.

Perhaps the tree has simply died or has become dangerously damaged by a storm. Sometimes trees need to be removed simply because they are in the way of construction, or are too close to your home.

When a tree is chopped or falls down, the stump is usually left in the ground. For some, this may not present much of a problem at first, but later there may be reasons to remove it. It would be difficult to add wonderful hardscaping to your garden if there is a tree stump in the way.

What are the costs involved to grind out tree stumps, and is it the only option? And, can’t you just ignore the tree stump and leave it where it is?

Why do you Need to Remove Tree Stumps?

There are several reasons why tree stumps need to be removed from a garden. As mentioned above, you may have plans to add paths or a patio and the tree stump is simply in the way.

Here are some of the motives for ridding yourself of that tree stump:

  • They are a tripping hazard
  • They can result in unsightly new growth
  • They are an eyesore
  • They can and will rot
  • They attract pests
  • They can become diseased

Tree stumps can simply be hazardous and are easily tripped over by children playing in the garden. In the dark, they are easy to miss too. They can also damage machinery such as lawn mowers, especially low-cut stumps.

Tree stumps can develop a disease that will not only be unsightly but can spread to other plants and trees. They will also eventually rot and die, but before this happens they may end up sprouting new plants.

Tree stumps that give an avenue to new tree shoots can end up unsightly and difficult to manage. They can also attract insects and pests. When it comes to pest control tips around your home, removing tree stumps is a must.

Is Grinding the Only Way to Remove Tree Stumps?

Grinding tree stumps is a popular way to remove the problem, but it isn’t the only option.

Tree stumps can be removed completely by digging around the stump and roots and then lifting it out and filling in the hole after.

Alternatively, stumps can be burnt or destroyed with chemicals. According to Tree Removal, there are different laws per state and you should check your local guidelines before moving ahead.

Burning and the use of chemicals may not appeal to some people, and therefore whole tree stump removal or grinding remains very popular.

How Effective are all the Methods of Tree Stump Removal?

Opting to dig out the tree stump will usually mean that nothing is left behind. This is the most invasive way to remove the stump and the most physical. It will take some work to do and will leave a large hole behind that needs filling.

Chemicals can be used to speed up the decaying process of the stump, or alternatively burning can be done where permitted. To speed this up, holes are drilled into the stump and other wood is added around it. The stump will need to be watched while it is burning and not left unattended.

Stump grinding is less labor-intensive than removal and is more efficient and effective. The downsides are that the roots will remain in the ground, and you will be left with an impressive pile of wood chips. However, these can be used in other areas of the garden.

How Much will Tree Stump Grinding Cost you?

Now, down to the big question. How much will you end up out of pocket for stump grinding? There isn’t really a completely straightforward answer as many factors come into play.

Contacting professional tree stump removal companies such as Trufast, will lead them to ask you a series of questions. The answers to these queries will decide how much it costs for the stump to be ground down.

How do Tree Stump Grinding Companies Determine the Cost Involved?

The type of questions you will be asked when a tree stump grinding quote is made, are the following:

  1. Are you wishing to have one stump ground down or is there more work involved?
  2. How big is the tree stump, and how far down do you need it ground down to?
  3. What type of tree was it? Ie was it hardwood or softwood?
  4. Do you want waste removal of the wood chippings?
  5. Do you require grass to be laid to cover the hole, or will you carry this out yourself?

Hiring a tree stump grinding company for more than just one activity will result in a better overall price. If they come for a one-off job then the price may seem high.

The amount of work involved will also affect the price. A large stump from a hardwood tree will take longer to grind than a small softwood one would.

Can you Grind Tree Stumps Yourself to Save Money?

Of course, grinding tree stumps, or the use of tree surgeons to fix problems, costs money. Many will be tempted then to grind down their own tree stumps instead of hiring professionals.

The answer to whether you can grind a tree stump yourself is yes, you can. You can rent tree stump grinding equipment and carry out the operation yourself.

However, the question you should really ask, is should you grind your own tree stumps, not can you.

According to the Tree Care Industry Association, there were 92 fatalities in 2016 from tree-care-related activities. This number was steadily rising in the years leading up to 2016 as a direct result of people carrying out their own DIY activities.

Tree care involves heavy and dangerous machinery that is operated by experienced, qualified personnel. You may save some money from grinding the stump yourself, but you might end up paying out more in hospital bills.

Where do you Find a Tree Stump Grinding Company?

The best port of call for finding a company to remove or grind stumps would be to look local. You may determine that you prefer to use a different method to grinding or require a different service. A local company will be aware of what is allowed and what isn’t.

For example, you may need to remove trees from land that requires a permit, and they would be aware of local laws.

Then your next step is to look for testimonials, preferably from repeat customers. Tree stump removal companies will usually be involved in other areas of tree care, and testimonials can point to a reliable service.


The cost of tree stump grinding will usually be more than that of hiring the machine yourself. However, the cost difference may not be nearly as much as you might imagine.

Also, tree stump grinding involves dangerous machinery that is best used by an experienced professional. You could find yourself unable to manage the machinery properly, and this will make the whole process even more expensive in the long run.