How Can a Business be Productive?


It is difficult to run a business effectively. One needs to manage the customers, deadlines, resources, and also employees. Although it can be challenging to all these things, it will help you increase your business productivity to a great extent. Also, you can generate more revenue in the long run while using fewer resources. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have provided essential guidelines on how to increase your business productivity.

1. Finding the correct planning system

You’ll come across lots of tools and applications which will help you track your progress, manage your valuable time, and also get rid of any distraction. It is essential to figure out the system which will work for you. There is no need to spend your money on purchasing fancy apps in case it is possible to jot down your to-do list in your notebook. On the contrary, in case you’re using your smartphone or laptop, you might find it useful to use applications like Workflow, Microsoft Outlook’s Tasks and so on. You need to remember one principle, while dealing with productivity tools, and this will be not to make matters more complicated. For instance, some applications are intended for use and also collaborating. You will not require these in case you happen to a solo business owner. In the same manner, if you find it effective to deal with your pen and notebook, there is no need to upgrade to any sophisticated tool although it might be available for free. It is possible to maintain to-do lists with the help of a simple note-style application on your smartphone.

2. Set your own priorities

One essential time management skill you ought to master while doing business will be to prioritize. In case you are working with any unorganized to-do list, it will not help your cause. It will be sensible to begin with such a list and take your time for rearranging it this will depend on the urgency and also the time required for performing each task. Or else, you may also accomplish the trivial tasks while skipping the complicated ones. When you are setting your priorities, try to begin with the one which requires the longest time or which is more important.

3. Remain organized

Try to verify whether your business is organized or not. This can be done in the following way. Find out the number of papers lying on your desk. Also, find out how it looks like when you open the desk drawer. On your laptop, go to the location where most of your files have been saved and find out how easy it is to find them out. Being unorganized will make you lose a considerable amount of your valuable time. You will lose your time looking for items or creating them once again in case you have lost them. It might not be possible to transfer vital info amongst your staff and the employees might not accomplish the tasks on time since they don’t have any idea regarding which ones are the vital ones and which not. It is imperative to organize every aspect of your business which might consist of computer files, filing cabinets, tax records, payroll and accounting document, and inventory.

4. Assign tasks

At times you might have more work than what you can do. In other cases, your colleague might be lagging behind or he might be overburdened with more work than usual. If it is so, it will be a sound decision to request your employer to reduce the workload and assign those tasks to those workers who have little work at hand. In that case, tasks will be completed faster. However, the main key is communication. You ought to explain the tasks clearly to your staff before assigning jobs to them.

On top of this, do not forget to tell them why you are providing this additional work. Inform them regarding the importance of the work and how it will enable the company to prosper. This will prevent any employee from being dissatisfied. While delegating the tasks try to be strategic. Try to assess the skills and capabilities of each worker before handing out tasks to them. It will be a wrong thing to assign an accounting job to a person who is in the sales department. However, a task can be assigned to him if you like to develop his skills.

5. Create targets

You can make your business more productive by setting targets. This will provide the workers with something to work with. While having specific goals, it will be possible to offer guidelines to your employees regarding how to achieve the targets within a short span of time. It will be vital to set business targets regularly. Once some goals are completed, add more targets. Also, adjust the goals, according to your business requirements. This will aid your business to be more productive.

Try to make your target measurable, practical, and time-bound. For instance, declare that your target is to increase revenues by 15% during the second quarter.

Having a business plan when setting your goals has many advantages. Although the plan was created by you while you started the business, remember to keep it updated regularly. The plan must consist of details on company targets, marketing plans, services, and products apart from financial projections too.

6. Set deadlines

Your business can keep your clients satisfied by accomplishing the tasks within the stipulated time. Deadlines are essential to enhance the productivity of your company given that they will inform your workers regarding the duration within which they must finish their job. Without deadlines, your business can suffer in the long run.

Deadlines can motivate your staff and they will work faster, thus leading to customer complacency. Try to set an arbitrary deadline, even if there is none. These will likewise help your staff to prioritize their jobs. They will comprehend which assignments they must complete earlier.

7. A lot of natural illumination

Workers can get agitated and they might lose interest in their jobs in case the illumination isn’t bright at the workplace. Try to add more natural lighting in your office and, if possible, set it up in that way. Place the desks closer to the windows and take measures that sunshine can enter the room through the windows. In the absence of natural lighting, go for bulbs which produce a warmer color (oranges and yellows) as compared to cooler hues (purple and blue).

8. Employee development

 We all know the employees will deliver the goods when they are most satisfied and disciplined. It is imperative to engage the employees given that boredom will make them inefficient and unproductive. Therefore, employee development opportunities should be encouraged through the development of professional and personal skills and also through active learning. In this case, leadership development is a win win for the company, and the employees. Make it a point to provide opportunities for them to learn new skills, take on innovative professional responsibilities and also develop new personal hobbies.

Although you can give them a good vocal tonic, it is important to back that up with some appropriate and matching actions. Provide them with a new responsibility of verifying whether they like to accomplish the task or whether you should allow them to do something else. Make them feel confident that you depend on them for the prosperity of your business.

9. Flexibility of the employees

It has been found by research that satisfied employees are more productive than the other people who are not so. Your company will prosper in case your employees are contented and also happy. This will be possible by providing them with a flexible work environment. Provide them with freedom and choices in the form of offering them more vacation time or telecommuting options. This will enable them to choose how to be more effective and satisfied. This has been realized by all the leading businesses out there. For instance, Tara Holland from says that their friendly, relaxed, and pressure-free environment has been their biggest advantage in large business growth and becoming a leader in the diamond ring industry.

10. Automation application

Every day we waste many hours of recording and documenting information in the form of paper. However, the workflow automation application will help to save innumerable hours for the businesses which would have been otherwise wasted on filling forms. Your staff can spend a considerable amount of time in the area of their interest by automating workflows and forms. In this way, they will help to enhance company and employee morale. Many employees like to devote their time in practicing their skill sets; however, they do not like the idea of spending much time filling out forms and documents. In that case, automation applications will enable them to use their time more happily and effectively.

11. Providing breaks to your employees

The productivity of the employees will increase by providing them with breaks. In this way, they will be able to re-focus. Although there are various ways to offer breaks to your staff, make sure it is productive. During the break, you can provide your employees with something to do with physical activities or consuming a healthy snack. The other options will be to allow them to meditate or socialize (but not on social networking platforms). Therefore, it is important to take into account the recharging factor while offering bricks to your staff.

12. Managing the energy of your workers

You need to keep your staff in a positive frame of mind for enhancing their productivity. For this, you need to make them develop good habits. These habits might comprise the following:

  • Eating healthy – Inform them of the benefits of eating a balanced diet and also how fast food can impact their productivity and energy levels.Inform them of the benefits of eating a balanced diet and also how fast food can impact their productivity and energy levels. Using a service like Aramark office snack delivery can ensure employees get access to healthy snack options.
  • Adequate sleep – It is important to provide your workers with adequate sleeping time, which will help to enhance their mood and also increase their productivity.
  • Exercising – Working out will make them more alert, and they will get more energy in the long run.

13. Removing distractions

In this world, there is no shortage of distractions and it is difficult to concentrate on your work in most cases. However, time is short and you need to keep your employees free from any distraction. They should not spend much time on social media, and you must also keep your office free from any unwanted noise and smartphone notifications. However, it is difficult and below were provided some recommendations:

  • Plan and prioritize your daily work routine.
  • Set deadlines.
  • Prevent any unexpected visits or conferences.
  • Avoid noisy environments.
  • Transform emails into tasks (for this, a task management application can be used).

14. Refrain from multitasking

Although we often think of multitasking as an essential skill for enhancing productivity, the reverse might happen sometimes. According to many psychiatrists, performing several tasks simultaneously can lead to loss of productivity and time. Instead, develop a habit of performing a single task before moving to something else.

15. Turning off notifications

You can always expect your employees to get lured by email, text notification, or voice mail. Tell your staff to turn off the notifications while they’re working, and instead, spend their time in checking messages and emails. This will help them become proactive instead of being reactive.

16. Realize when to say no

It is easy for your workers to become distracted and get sidelined by emails, instant messages, Facebook, Skype, and LinkedIn buddies, and also what is happening on the television. If it is so, you must spend money on purchasing a site blocker. These will help you block the noise so that distractions can be eliminated and your workers can become effective.

17. Teach your employees the habit of listening

All the leading businesses at present depend on communication and their productivity is enhanced once a worker takes part in communicating effectively. It is possible to facilitate better communication by making all the employees develop a habit of listening. This will help them obtain innovative ideas and also implement them practically. Solid cooperation among the team members is required by a successful business out there. And this will be possible by developing proper listening skills while interacting with one another.


In case you feel the need to enhance the productivity of your employees for prospering your business, make them understand how to resist the temptation of getting distracted. Make them understand the importance of focusing on their work and also work smarter, if not harder.