24 Stylish Pot Cover Ideas to Pretty Up Your Plants

A house can’t be a home without plants. Little succulents or large floor plants, having something green at home is a must to add a touch of freshness and relaxing feel. They make the best decorative elements for all rooms especially the livingroom and the bathroom. You can either solely arrange and place your pots in your own way to a suitable corner at your place or take it one step further by dressing them up stylishly. Pot covers are not a new trend, they have always been there but we don’t value this idea. However, it is possible to make your pots more appealing using covers and it is even possible to make your own covers by the help of some easy diy projects. You can change the look of your pots by changing their clothes and style them in various ways whenever you get bored of them. Besides, these covers are the best to disguise your disposable planters. It is also a good idea to pretty up a flower pot if you plan to give it as a present to a friend. All in all, here are our photo-ideas to help you spruce up your planters that you have at home or in your garden.

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