Here’s Why You Should Consider Converting to a Multiple Panel Garage Door

Since 1936, when Leno Martin invented the first one-piece overhead garage door, the single panel garage door has been in use. This door type was a step forward over the more cumbersome swing-out carriage doors that were previously in use. The notion of a roll-up multiple panel door was popular in industrial and commercial settings at first, but it had not yet made its way into residential residences.

The most common garage door style nowadays is the multiple panel garage door. If your property has an older single-panel garage door, you might want to consider replacing it with a new garage door made up of sections instead of Leno Martin’s design. Continue reading to find out the reasons why you should consider converting to a multiple garage door.

Lifts with a Newer and Safer Design

A torsion spring powers a single panel garage door, providing the necessary lifting power to open and close the door. Torsion springs require frequent maintenance to ensure smooth operation. If a spring is never adjusted or replaced, it represents a significant threat of snapping, releasing a frightening amount of energy that can-do unthinkable damage. Compared to older sectional doors, newer sectional doors have more safety mechanisms to prevent injuries from spring and cable failure. Lift cables, wrap-around torsion springs, safety brackets, and safety containment cables all provide comprehensive protection for you being an individual and your entire family in the event that a torsion spring snaps out by accident.

It’s less difficult to replace

A single garage door panel may be less expensive to install at first, but you may regret it if you slam the door shut with your car’s bumper. Large dents and scratches can’t be simply removed; the entire door must be replaced, which can be expensive. If your garage is prone to parking mishaps, a sectional door may be preferable due to its simplicity of repair. After an accident, instead of replacing the complete door, one or more panels can be replaced with the help of a garage door installation expert.

Additional Material Choices

The materials that can be used to make original one-piece doors are limited. Steel is far too hefty, while aluminum is far too delicate. Wood happened to be the traditional material of choice, but it requires a lot of upkeep. Water and termite damage are common problems with wood; therefore, it must be coated or sealed regularly. Sectional panel garage doors are unusual in that they allow you to choose from a variety of materials. Steel is no longer too heavy, and aluminum is not too fragile because the door is made up of numerous components. You can choose between wood composite, vinyl, or fiberglass panels in addition to wood.

Remember the old-fashioned carriage doors that were in use before the one-piece garage door? With a multiple panel garage door, you may get that style for your home while also benefiting from the modern convenience of an overhead lift.

Operating Space is Limited

When a single panel garage door is opened and closed, it takes up more area in the room. A single panel door is no longer an acceptable solution if you have many items kept in your garage due to its space requirements. On the other hand, multiple panel doors do not take up a lot of room, allowing you to make the most of your driveway and garage space.

Multiple panel garage doors have become the preferred choice and are in high demand due to their numerous advantages. Call a garage door installation specialist near you to discover more about if a multiple garage door is a perfect solution for your house.