Helpful Tips to Buy the Best Silver Jewelry

Are you interested in buying silver jewelry? If so, you probably want a few tips to ensure you buy the right jewelry at the right price.

While silver jewelry is beautiful and luxurious, it can be challenging to find the highest quality pieces. After all, there are hundreds (if not more) online and local sellers of silver jewelry, making it difficult to assess if you are purchasing authentic silver pieces.

There is some good news. According to, there are a few tips you can use to find pieces designed by true artisans that will last a lifetime. Keep reading to find out what these tips are.

Consider the Cost of the Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is a precious metal. It holds value, which is something that will be reflected in the product’s price. One way to determine if you are getting the best silver jewelry is to compare prices.

The first step is to see what the current market price is for sterling silver. This will provide you with a baseline to work from when assessing the cost of the jewelry you want to purchase.

If this does not help, look at the asking price for the item you want to purchase. If the cost is shockingly low, it is a good sign you are not buying a high-quality silver. It may even be fake. You should be cautious when it comes to huge discounts, too, or blowout sales that feature sterling silver pieces.

When buying items locally, ask about the store’s pricing methods. Also, ask if they have exchange or refund options. Make sure you never buy something without the choice of a full return and refund.

Speak to the Seller

This depends on where you are buying silver jewelry; however, if you can speak to the seller or at least a representative, it is a good idea to do so. Speaking to a real person in the store or on the phone will allow you to ask specific questions about silver sourcing, hallmarks, and pricing. You can get the answers needed, especially if you arrive to buy fully prepared for the transaction.

If you are buying online from a retailer with a store in the U.S., this is a good sign. A physical location means there is much less of a chance of being scammed and a higher likelihood of getting the highest quality silver jewelry available.

Look for Hallmarks or Silver-Grade Specifications

Any authentic silver jewelry will have markings that let you know it is the “real deal. The hallmarks are typically found in a discrete location and will be very small. You will probably need a magnifying glass and a good light to see them.

If you have already bought your silver jewelry, this is smart to inspect the item and see if it is real. For sterling silver, it is going to say either .925 or STERLING. Both markings are an indication of quality silver jewelry.

However, if you see EPNS, you likely have a lower-quality piece of silver jewelry. EPNS stands for “electroplated nickel silver.” Instead of being real silver, this is a nickel substitute that is designed to mimic silver.

It is also good to remember that true silver is malleable. This means it will easily bend. Higher-quality silver jewelry must have an alloy mixed in with it to ensure a higher level of durability. The highest-quality silver jewelry will be mostly silver, with a very small amount of something stronger mixed in. A common metal that is mixed with silver is copper. Do not settle for anything less than sterling or fine silver.

Physical Tests to Determine Authenticity

A good way to make sure you have purchased the best silver jewelry that is available is by performing a few physical tests. These tests will not cause any harm to your jewelry, so do not worry about this.

The first test is a simple one. Find a magnet and see if the silver jewelry you have is magnetic. It is important to note that silver is not naturally a magnetic metal. If something latches onto the magnet, it is probably nickel or another type of metal. Be sure to find a stronger magnet to conduct this test. Sometimes, typical household magnets will not be strong enough to determine the magnetism in your jewelry.

Along with the magnet test, you can rub your silver jewelry using a white, clean cloth. If there are black marks on the cloth, you can feel confident you made a smart purchase. Real silver will oxidize when it is exposed to air, which is what creates these black marks.

Another test is the sound test. Tap the jewelry with a metal object. Do you hear a high-pitched ringing accompanied by a vibration that lasts for a few seconds? If so, you are dealing with real silver. If you hear a deeper or duller ring, it indicates a steel alloy or copper.

Invest in a Professional Appraisal

If you are still unsure about your jewelry, you can always invest in a professional appraisal. Take your jewelry to the professionals to have them determine if it is authentic. Remember, most appraisers will charge a fee for this service, so it may be best to use all the tips above before moving on to this step.

Use Caution When Buying Online

There are countless online marketplaces where you can buy precious metals. If you decide that shopping online is right for you, be sure to use caution. Most of the reputable online shops that sell authentic silver jewelry will have a minimum of one physical location, which should be listed on their website.

Also, authentic sellers will have a solid exchange or refund policy and customer service representatives available to help you with your purchase or answer any questions you have. You can also look at customer testimonials and reviews to learn about the store’s reputation.

Are You Ready to Buy Silver?

Using the tips and listening to the advice found here, you can feel confident that you are buying authentic, high-quality silver jewelry. Just be sure to take your time and consider all the available options to ensure you are getting the best-of-the-best when it comes to price and quality. Being informed and knowing what to look for will help you avoid a case of buyer’s remorse.