Heartwarming Newborn and Family Photography by Jesse Salter

Overland Park, Kansas Jesse Salter is an award-winning photographer that specializes in maternity, newborn, and families and has been into photography since August 2014. She is a wife and mother of two little girls. She was once where you are, searching aimlessly for a photographer to capture their family as they naturally are, then she decided to take up photography as a profession. “My sessions are typically family centered. That’s most important, right? Right! I don’t focus on some meaningless prop or elaborate set. I want you, my subjects, front and center at all times.” she states on her website, adding that; “I want to document that tender embrace between a mother and her baby. I want to feel the mother’s love for her child pour from the photo and flood our hearts. I want to create emotional art that leaves people inspired, which is why I’m very intentional with posing and prompts.” She promises to guide you through a mix of authentic and staged poses that allow her to capture your love and connection as it is. She believes those beautiful in-between candid moments unfold organically on their own from that point forward. “And this, my friend, is how I achieve natural, timeless portraits that make people feel something.” Her portraits are in one word heartwarming, you will totally agree with us once you browse the photos below. Just have a look at them and remember to share your thoughts with us.