Gorgeous Bridal Collection by Suzanne Harward

One of the best-known names of Australian bridal fashion, Suzanne Harward designs high-end fashion forward couture gowns which have been handmade since 1975. Her studio is based in Melbourne and her brand have molded the Australian bridal industry into what it is today. She draws inspiration from art, nature and the world around us while designing her collections and styling her customers. Ranging from high fashion minimalism through to intricate and detailed designs using the finest couture fabrics, Australian designer creates her bridal gowns always anticipating the future and celebrating the past whilst always keeping her looks current. “Her artistic creations evolve with each generation and remain relevant to the present.” That means you can hand down the bridal dress tailored for you to your daughter then even granddaugter. How precious, don’t you think? Take a look at her brilliant collection and remember to comment about it!

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