Getting a Puppy Soon? Here’s a List of Essentials You Need

If you’re in need of love and companionship, then there’s no question about it- you need a puppy in your life. Dogs are smart, intelligent, affectionate and loyal amongst other things. When you get a puppy it’s pretty much the equivalent of welcoming a new baby into your home, and it requires absolute devotion to be able to take care of them properly.


It’s important that you get down to a bit of research to understand the different breeds and which one may be best suited to you, your lifestyle and your setting. All of these factors play into what kind of puppy you should get. For people living around the United States and Canada, Georgia Puppies Online provides details on what puppies are available, their cost and even offer to have them delivered. There are reliable kennels available that provide you with all the details from A to Z, so it’s important that you find a kennel or a shelter where you can either first have a look to see which dog you will bond with, or decide and have the pup delivered to you.


Before you get you new furry friend home, it’s important that you first have a couple of essentials available so that you’re ready to welcome them comfortably.

Harness and Leash

You’re going to have to take your pup out for walks because they need the exercise and you also need to train them to only tend to the call of nature outdoors and not inside the house. So it’s important that you have a comfortable harness that they can wear and a proper leash. Get the extendable leashes so that they can have a sense of freedom when you take them out.

Food Essentials

You have to get a couple of bowls for your pup and designate an area that will be for their feeding. Place a mat underneath that’s easy to clean so you don’t have to deal with the mess too much. Make sure that you get the correct food for them and also make sure that you learn about what you can and can’t feed your pup because this could mean the difference between life and death for them. There are things that we eat that can prove to be very poisonous or harmful to their organs so please ensure that you have all this information down.

Treats and Chews

You want to pamper your pup? Always have treats available! They’re also great as rewards as you train them, it makes it a much easier process if they understand that when they do a certain thing, they’ll get a treat right after. Chews are important too, and if you do this from the time they are little pups, you’ll be able to avoid having them chew on the furniture and your shoes!

Sleeping Area

If you like having your pup sleep next to you on your bed, that’s okay, but you should also have a sleeping area prepped for them regardless. A nice basket with soft bedding should do the trick. Pups can often have a favorite toy just like babies do, so get them a couple of stuffed animals and see which one they take a liking to!

Id Collar and Tracker

For the sake of safety and security, you need to get them a collar with their name and your address on it. You should also have a tracker so that if they run away and get lost, you won’t have a hard time finding them.

Find A Vet

This is extremely important because you’re going to be paying your vet a visit a lot, especially when they’re still puppies. So make sure that you find a reliable vet that’s easy to contact in case of any emergency, and is extremely reliable- and of course, is not too far from where you live.

Poop Bags

You don’t want people complaining about your pups mess in your neighbourhood! So always have poop bags in handy so that you can clean up after they do their business.


You can initially have the vet or a groomer take care of grooming for you, but always have a grooming brush available and learn how to take care of your pup in terms of dental hygiene and bathing so that you can give them all the TLC they need to stay clean and healthy.


Now that you have all the essentials ready, it’s time to go get your new best friend! Puppy’s are amazing creatures that are bound to change you and your life forever, so make sure that you do them justice by ensuring that you have all their needs taken care of.




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