Get Noticed: How to Effectively Promote Your Art

If you’re an emerging artist or someone with a keen interest in design, you might be wondering how to promote yourself within the arts community. Figuring out ways to introduce yourself to local arts spaces can feel intimidating, and knowing where to start is even more challenging if you’ve never done it before.

Are you interested in starting your own clothing line or business? Or perhaps you’re a visual artist wanting to get your name out there and into galleries. Whatever your creative endeavour, it’s time to start making a profit from your hard work.

As someone launching a new project, you’re probably searching for DIY (Do It Yourself) ways to develop your work so you can save some money. Read on to discover how to promote yourself with these tips that will make your portfolio shine.

Carefully Curated Social Media

You don’t have to be an artist or designer to have a social media page nowadays; nearly everyone has at least one online platform to express personal interests and social concerns. As an artist, consider social media as one of your greatest assets.

A carefully curated Instagram account is an opportunity to showcase your work. Conduct a little research and find the right galleries, media publications, and influencers. Follow these accounts and gradually build a rapport by engaging with them — “like” their posts, repost images that speak to you, tag them in yours — and eventually send them a private message to discuss possible collaborations.

Follow and reach out to likeminded accounts and artists. Sometimes just spreading your name and connecting with others goes a long way.

Put Your Art on T-shirts

An excellent way to get noticed is to put your work on custom t-shirts. If you’re a designer starting a clothing line, you might already know about the many benefits of branded apparel. Printed artwork on t-shirts and sweatshirts inspires interest in your work and loyalty among fans and admirers.

Find a professional screen-printing company such as Prints Canada that offers a wide array of custom styles. They’ll have an expert team to help you design the perfect custom clothing for your creative needs.

Are you entering an art fair in your city to show your current portfolio? Selling t-shirts at your booth is a great way to make a little extra cash while at the same time, developing a fan base and knowledge of your skills.

Have an Editor Look at Your Artist Statement

Whether you’re a visual artist, a designer, or any other creative professional, you’ll need to write an artist’s statement of some kind to explain the story and motive behind your work. It’s an essential promotional aspect of your overall marketing plan.

Consider asking a friend who enjoys writing or hiring a professional copyeditor to look at your work. You’ll want the statement to be perfect, so the more eyes that look it over, the better.

With a little research and hard work, self-promotion can be fun. Remember that people want to hear all about you. People love to discover new art and creative projects! Put on that customized t-shirt, ask all of your friends to wear one, and get your name out there!