Fresh and Modern Green Bathroom Design Ideas

When dreaming about a bathroom, most of us consider white or blue as main colours. The first one is equal with pureness and the latter is the colour of sea or ocean. Both choices are surely the best and never regret ones whereas there are various other options that worth considering. Green is one of the most suitable colours that offers many different shades to try for your bathroom. From emerald to sage or forest, you can choose one or more tones to combine then apply to your place in several ways. You can either have your walls in green, or your bathtube even just the accessories like the washbasin, the cabinets, the mirror or lightenings, wherever you wish. Having your tiles in Kelly green will immediately change the mood of your bathroom and you’ll need nothing more to redecorate. Changing your bathtube with a free-standing one if you have enough room and your washbasin in the same shade of green is another option that you can go for. There are millions of ideas that you can take into consideration before you make your mind and start that renovation journey. Check out our gallery then let us know what you think.

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