Five Options For Your Next Ceiling Fan

Do you feel like something’s “missing” from your home’s decor? Do you need additional lighting but don’t want to buy more lamps and wall sconces? Is there a general lack of circulation in the room that’s bringing you down? Well, don’t despair! Instead, consider getting ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are a fantastic appliance that helps circulate air in your home, saves money on energy usage, and has an elegant look that can fit in with any type of decor. They’re perfect for any time of year. Even in winter weather, a ceiling fan can be phenomenal. Changing the direction of the fan can either create a cooling/wind chill effect that helps the sweat on your skin to evaporate. This manufactures a cooling effect. In the winter, you can spin the fan in a different direction, creating an updraft that distributes the heat gathering around the ceiling during colder days. Regardless of your needs, a ceiling fan will be a great addition to your home. Here are five options for your next great ceiling fan.


Traditional ceiling fans are the gold standard of wonderful appliances. Typically containing anywhere from 3 to 5 blades, a motor, and optional lighting, a traditional ceiling fan is the epitome of the image you conjure up anytime you hear the word. Traditional ceiling fans come in many unique styles. There are rustic and farmhouse-style ceiling fans that call back to a country or rural aesthetic. There are modern ceiling fans that are more streamlined and transitional, with a lot more minimalism in their design. Nautical ceiling fans, tropical ceiling fans, and even industrial-style ceiling fans are available in different configurations depending on your needs. When you’re looking for a ceiling fan, sometimes nothing is better than something classic and familiar. The choice is ultimately yours, but sometimes you just can’t be traditional.

Flush Mount

Ceiling fans are typically mounted to the ceiling via a down rod (a kind of rod that lengthens depending on the ceiling height) or directly to the ceiling. This type of mount is known as a flush mount. Flush mount for low-profile ceiling fans is ideal for smaller rooms with shorter ceilings. They’re also quite easy to install and look very good in most interior design schemes. If you’re looking for something that’s quick, simple, and matches the lower ceilings in your home then you’ll want to get yourself a flush mount ceiling fan. Make sure you measure your ceiling heigh, to determine if you need a downrod or can use a flush mount instead.


Outdoor fans can be quite a nice addition to your patio, veranda, porch, or garage. So what makes an outdoor fan unique? Outdoor fans are damp or wet rated for outdoor use. A damp-rated fan can actually handle some moisture from light rain or light snow, along with whatever humidity is in the area. It will still function fine for a long time afterward. A wet-rated fan can actually withstand a lot of punishment for mother nature making an ideal for outdoor spaces that need a little bit of additional ventilation. Remember, there is a big difference between wet and damp ratings, so be sure you understand them before making a purchase. So, if you like to do a lot of work in your garage including painting and anything that generates fumes, the outdoor wet-rated fan is probably ideal for you.

Outdoor fans can have some of the same add-ons and additions as indoor fans. These include lighting, multiple speeds, powerful motors, and much, much more. If you’re looking for a spectacular ceiling fan, an outdoor-rated fan can be ideal.

With LED Lights

One of the biggest perks of adding a ceiling fan to your room is the opportunity to add some additional lighting to the space. Instead of wall-mounted sconce lights or lamps, you can get bright, long-lasting light in the form of an led. LED lights are energy-efficient, burn for a long time, and provide ample light. Some have dimmable features, allowing you to add some ambiance or atmosphere to your room. Others stay on at a consistent illumination. Along with the LED light itself, you can get Lighting in a variety of different types of fixtures. There’s recessed lighting, chandelier Style lighting, caged lighting, lighting that looks like little tiny lanterns, and even single bulb lighting for that classic look. Adding an LED will save you energy and help you run a more efficient household. They’re an amazing addition to any ceiling fan or room.

With Advanced Tech

If you thought lights on a ceiling fan were great, wait until you hear about some of the advanced technology ceiling fans are starting to incorporate. Almost all of us use a smartphone or tablet. Smart technology is not only made our lives easier but also much more convenient in myriad ways involving daily activities. With the Internet of Things being firmly established in our daily lives, it’s no surprise that some ceiling fans have transcended the need for the standard remote control and gone entirely in a different direction. Some ceiling fans will have smart technology that allows you to control the fan, its speed, its direction, and its lighting from an app on your phone. The convenience and hassle-free control method means that you can spend less time hunting for remote control, stay seated while you change the settings, and enjoy your fan with the help of modern technology.