Five Desk Lamps That Will Add Unique Style to Your Interior


Having an impeccably designed office or home workspace can drastically increase your productivity. It is essential that the space you’re working in is unique, personal, and matches your interior design vision. Luxury desk lamps are one of those attributes that can make or break a room. A solid desk lamp can tie together your entire office and step up its style significantly.

Here are a few unique desk lamps that are constructed as much for style as they are for utility:

Tom Rossau / Pencil Lamp / Table

This piece is undoubtedly a conversation piece. It is essentially a relatively sleek and plain lamp base, which is then topped off by a lampshade made of pencils. It is whimsical and highly stylized, odd and luxurious. The base comes in both black and white, and the shade come in six different colors, so there is plenty of room to mix and match and find what suits your desk the best.

Vaughan / Desk LED Lamp / Oxford TM0088

The Vaughan LED desk lamp is truly unique in its design and appearance. It has a hood that is shaped like a trapezoid, and the base is a solid cast that lends it exceptional stability. This is necessary because it has swivel joints that allow the arm and light to be moved and redirected. The shade of the hood is also adjustable, so it is highly versatile and can be great for those who have a larger working space.

Moretti Luce / Table Lamp / 1506

The Moretti Luce table lamp is constructed from metal and glass and comes from an Italian company that is widely known for its high-quality and old-fashioned lighting products. For the body of the lamp, there are four separate finish options: Brass Burnish Dark Brown, Aged Brass Copper Colored, Brass Burnish, and Polished Brass. This variety makes it possible to find a lamp that perfectly matches your space. The hood of the lamp also comes in three colors: amber, green, and white.

Vaughan / Table Lamp / TM0051.BK

This Vaughan table lamp is uniquely constructed to replicate a candle holder, yet incongruently has a hood on the top. It recalls the style that many French antiques assume, and is considered a brass bouillotte-style lamp. It has features that appear like they shouldn’t work together. However, they do, which creates a relatively odd but intriguing silhouette for the lamp. The lampshade comes in two colors—black and red—and is positioned so it obstructs the viewer from seeing the top of the candle-like structures.

Moretti Luce / Table Lamp / 1200

This Moretti Luce table lamp is both subtle and dynamic. It is a designer desk lamp that is relatively small, measuring about a foot and a half high. It is constructed primarily from metal and glass and has four separate options for how the brass of the body is finished. It also offers three glass options, so it can be customized to match your space accordingly. It mimics a traditional antique style and has very intricate brass work throughout the body, neck, and head of the lamp.


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