Festive Christmas Cookie Decoration Examples by Dough & Batter

Kinderhook, New York based Melissa is the name behind “Dough & Batter” Instagram account with 10k followers. She is a self-taught cookie artist who has never spent a day in a professional kitchen. She thinks herself as a veteran with almost 15 years of cookie decorating behind her. She creates incredibly beautiful cookie designs for all occasions and what inspires her the most is undoubtedly the holidays, especially Christmas. She gives the best examples of hand-decorated Christmas cookies each of which is dressed up to reflect the holiday spirit in the best way. We love the watercolor effect of her hand-painted cookies. She has made so many sets for this festive holiday and they look so amazing that we can’t imagine the effort and hours that went into them! We rounded up some of Melissa’s uniquely perfect Christmas cookies for you. The branch with the ornaments and the snowman with red polka dots that you can see in the first photo are our favourites, which one is yours?