Illustrator Depicts Universes Full of Surreal Dreams and Vivid Nightmares

Born in Venezuela, currently living in Turin, Italy Fernando Cobelo works as freelance illustrator and in collaboration with many brands such as Lonely Planet, Moleskine, Paratissima and so on. Although he studied architecture at university, he chose illustration as a profession. He tells his story to FeelDesain as follows; “I was that kind of guy who used to spend his time drawing anything. I remember that as a kid I really like to reproduce cartoon characters. I grew up in Venezuela, and I could not always find stick-figures I liked, so I started drawing on my own in order to play with them. Perhaps everything started there.The problem is that the only “creative career” possible in Venezuela is architecture, so I ended up studying it at university. I don’t regret it because studying architecture prepared me for many of the creative jobs that I have done in my life, especially for illustration.” He is known for his clean, defined, essential and sometimes even childish illustrations. Fernando depicts universes full of surreal dreams and vivid nightmares that trigger our thoughts and move our feelings, with naive lines and shapes in which it might be easy finding fragments of ourselves. He works on different types of projects including editorial, advertising, books, storyboarding and murals. Below you can see some of his captivating illustrations.