Fashion 101: How to Dress for an Equestrian Event

Whether you are in the crowd or on horseback, there’s certainly a specific style at equestrian events. If you need a wardrobe update or simply some tips on how to style yourself for one such event, you have come to the right place. We have sourced all the top fashion tips from fashion experts and regular event-goers for both attendees and competitors to ensure you make heads turn at your next equestrian event for all the right reasons!

First, Check The Weather

Without stating the obvious too much, you definitely need to be aware of the conditions before preparing yourself for an equestrian event. As you know, most of these events are outdoors for long periods of time. Whether you are racing or spectating, there will be prolonged periods of sunshine or rain, and you need to keep comfortable as well as looking great. As the professionals over at told us, “fashion and function must go hand in hand to look and feel great at an equestrian show, whatever the weather.” We couldn’t agree more – we want you to look good and feel great all day long!


As a spectator at a horse race or show jumping event, you will be mixing with some truly wonderful and stylish people. So, you want to fit in and look great yourself, right! Follow these simple tips below for a classic equestrian spectator’s fashion.

●     Hat And Glasses

You’ve probably never looked at a crowd attending an equestrian event without seeing thousands of lovely hats and stylish sunglasses. Not only are these a tradition, but they’re also practical. You could be squinting in the sun for hours without them, which would neither be a good look or a comfortable afternoon!

●     Shoes

Ladies, we know heels are always appealing when dressing up for an event, but with lots of outdoor walking and standing for prolonged periods, many recommend against them. Wear some shoes that keep you comfortable and protected against stepping on or in anything. Both ladies and gents can look great in tennis shoes or smart trainers on a race day.

●     Tips For Him

For gentlemen, there are some classic staples to stick to. Whether hot or cold, you can stick with a collared shirt and chinos for a timeless look. Go for nice colors and match up your accessories. You can layer up with a cardigan and jacket if the mornings are cold, or a raincoat for a wetter day.

●     Tips For Her

Summer days call for flowing tops or summer dresses, matched with the cute hat and accessories listed above. However, you can also stick with the classic shirt-and-pants combo for a classic equestrian look. Consider jeans, a collared shirt, and gilet for a modern combo.


If you are attending a race day or event as a rider, your attire may be slightly different from those above. Though, we do recommend bringing a set of the above clothing for a change if you plan on mingling! Let’s discuss the rider staples.

●     Helmet

It goes without saying you should be wearing a professional and safety-standard accredited horse riding helmet. Whether you are racing, jumping, or dressage riding, a fall from a horse, can be nasty. Make sure you have protected yourself.

●     Breeches

Breeches are the most commonly worn trousers by horse riders, but you can also wear any other comfortable long-legged trousers. Shorts or thin trousers can cause chafing on the inner thigh and are not recommended. Breeches come in a variety of designs, from plain color to plaid.

●     Shirt

Shirts are where a jockey gets to show off their color and style. All the top brands sell varied colors and patterns, so you can choose almost any design you like for your time on the show! You should choose a well-fitted shirt to avoid catching anything, but can choose short or long sleeves. Remember, longer sleeves will offer you more protection if you do happen to have a fall.

●     Boots

Finally, but also very important, you need the right kind of footwear. The classic choice – for a good reason – is a leather boot. Brands will sell boots in all sorts of styles for you to choose from, but you must remember they will probably get quite scuffed and dirty, so don’t get too attached! Your boot needs a heel as this will help ensure your feet don’t get caught in the stirrups.


So, whether you’re off for a ride or simply to enjoy a weekend at the races, make sure you are styled right using this guide. Remember to plan ahead for the weather, get comfortable, and look good all at the same time. We hope you have a fantastic time at your next equestrian event.