Fascinating Reasons David Berkowitz Chicago Draws Inspiration From Horses

David Berkowitz Chicago draws inspiration from horses for his work. In a recent interview, he explained that he is fascinated by their power and grace. He finds them to be incredibly beautiful creatures, and he loves capturing their essence in his paintings. Here are the reasons why David Berkowitz finds inspiration in horses!

Their Majesty Is Captivating To Berkowitz

David Berkowitz Chicago is an artist and lover of all things horse has this to say on the topic: “I am always in awe when I see or hear about horses because they are so majestic.” He goes on to admit that there’s something special about seeing these animals run with their unique style.

David grew up around horses, so he has always been inspired by their beauty. However, it wasn’t until he started painting them that he truly understood how amazing they are. Beginning in 1974, David Berkowitz Chicago has created beautiful equine art that has been shown in galleries throughout the United States and Europe.

David believes horses are brilliant creatures who deserve to be admired for their strength, courage, gracefulness – all qualities David strives for in his own life! I always look to horses for inspiration when I need some motivation to get things done.” David says, “their inner resilience just never fails to amaze me.

Their Grace Is Poetic

Horses are beautiful creatures. They have a unique way of moving through space with such ease that it’s hard not to watch them or want one as your pet! David Berkowitz draws inspiration from horses because they’re graceful animals who deserve admiration and appreciation.

He also goes on further to explain how much he loves seeing these animals move so elegantly across any terrain imaginable. Strength and grace are integral pillars of character David strives to capture through his paintings. One can easily see the amount of dedication and admiration put into every piece of art.

Their Strength Is Overwhelming

The power behind a horse’s strength cannot be overstated, according to David Berkowitz. He goes on to say how much he admires the horse’s ability to run so fast while carrying heavy loads up steep hillsides or across open fields without stopping!

He also points out another thing about them – despite being large animals (sometimes weighing over several hundred pounds), David notes that they have a delicate touch when it comes time to eat or drink. David admires this gentleness because he says his own life has “not always been gentle.”

He loves painting horses because of their strength, but also how much grace they display even under pressure! David Berkowitz draws inspiration from the horse’s sense of humor – something which often gets lost in translation when people are too focused on a difficult problem.

David says the horse will always find a way to make you smile. “No matter what the situation, you can always count on a horse to keep your spirits high. They’re just that kind of animal.” It’s no surprise that a hint of humor is clear through the art David creates.

Horses Are Difficult Animals To Draw Or Paint

Despite being so beautiful, David Berkowitz says that drawing and painting horses are one of the most challenging tasks an artist can undertake. “They have a lot of muscle definition and they’re constantly in motion,” David explains. “It’s really hard to capture all of that in a painting.”

But David also believes that this challenge is what makes horse paintings so special. “When you see a good horse painting, you know it,” he says. “The level of detail and realism is just incredible.”

It’s meaningful for David to incorporate horses into his artwork because he believes they deserve to be recognized for their beauty and strength, especially in the face of adversity. “I admire horses because they’re strong animals who will never give up.” David says. “Resilience  is an important quality that inspires me every day.”

David’s Tips For Drawing Horses

To better capture the essence of a horse in your paintings, David Berkowitz Chicago offers these tips:

  • Start by studying their movement. Watch them run and graze in fields. Notice how their muscles ripple as they move. This will help you create more realistic drawings and paintings later on.
  • Draw from life whenever possible! It’s always best to get accurate proportions and details when drawing any living creature.
  • Create strong light sources in your paintings to help give the illusion of depth and realism.

Final Thoughts

David Berkowitz has been painting horses for over 40 years, and his passion for these animals is as strong today as it was when he first started. He draws inspiration from their beauty, strength, and grace to create artwork that is both moving and inspiring. Finding them to be the perfect muse, David’s paintings of horses are a testament to the majesty and wonder of these creatures!