Fascinating Landscape Photography By Jonas Hafner

Hamburg, Germany based Jonas Hafner studied medicine and he works as an assistant doctor at the moment. After graduating from high school, he spent 12 months in Scotland and it was the first time he had a single-lens reflex camera in his hand and he has never let it go since then. Some time later, he travelled to New Zeland and spent almost a year there where he devoted himself to landscape phtoography. He tells the rest of the story as follows; “Back in Germany it was probably more a matter of coincidence and certainly also due to my studies that people appeared in my pictures from time to time. The subject of portraits gripped me like a whirlpool and drew me ever deeper into its spell. In the beginning it took a lot of effort to ask friends if they would stand in front of my camera. Over time, however, the stack of pictures on my desk grew faster than the weeds in the garden of our dormitory.” He continues photography as a hobby and enjoys being among the community of photographers and exchanging his experiences with them. We admire his impressive eye for landscape photography and can’t get rid of his gallery. Just take a look at some of them and let us know whether you agree with us or not.