Extremely Realistic Minimal Portrait Tattoos by Maria Alvarez

Valiencia, Spain based tattoo artist Maria Alvarez currently works at Noble Art with Matías Noble which was a kind of super hard dream to achieve for her. She took up tattoo art as a profession when she was at high school, but it took her attention long before, when she was a little kid. “The stickers came out on the potato chip packages, and in the summer it was super fun to put them on in the pool with water and show them off, they made you feel rebellious, and that was nice.” she states on their blog. Her specialty is realism, and specifically, mini realism. She enjoys them a lot because it’s a delicate job and although it seems easy, it’s not. Involvement in each tattoo is an absolute maxim for her. To which she adds perfection and perseverance, which would not work without patience. The qualities that María demands of herself in her work are respect, harmony and originality, as far as possible. She is inspired by many artists, and from various fields. In art she has a devotion to the classical painters. The work of light and shadow of Caravaggio and Raphael; the work of Tiepolo , Tamara Lempicka, René Magritte, David Friedich, Alphonse Mucha and she can’ t forget the work of Joaquin Sorolla. She shares her love of tattooing with her love of the custom motorcycle world. “On Sunday mornings I like to go out and get the sun on my Harley. I don’t miss going to China, going to Cullera, Gandía, the Albufera … places with sea, I’m satisfied.” Today, we’ve selected some of her best realistic minimal portrait tattoos for you. Just scroll down and let us know about your favourite one!