Extremely Adorable Christmas-Themed Photos of Lizzie and Ally

Lizzie and Ally are two golden retrievers from Ontario, Canada and have more than 420k followers on Instagram, thanks to their human mom and photographer Fracine Laurendeau as she made them visible. She was a former computer scientist but chose photography as a profession as she has always had interest for it since her childhood. “I’ve always had a creative side. When my father gave me a camera, I became hooked. It’s a hobby that I’ve enjoyed for as long as I can remember, but I started photographing my dogs only a few years ago.” she states in her interview with Pickmotion She was having fun while capturing Lizzie and Ally then she decided to share the fun on Instagram and the account grew in years just as her passion for photography. She explains her style and inspiration for photography as follows; “Sometimes an idea just comes to me, and it evolves into something for a photoshoot the more I think about it. Other times I see something that inspires me, and I find a way to make it our own by putting a unique spin on it. What I love the most is capturing moments or expressions that evoke a feeling, as well as taking seasonal shots. Here in Canada, we have four very distinct seasons so the landscape changes dramatically.” We wondered about Lizzie and Ally’ personality and found this response of her in the same interview; “They are very different. Lizzie is the most affectionate of the two, but she’s also the naughtiest one, getting into things she knows she shouldn’t! Ally is also very affectionate and she really loves to play with balls and sticks. She’s more of a true retriever in that way.” Besides, she adds that; “Also, people often mix them up because they look so similar! I always tell them that the trick is to look at their noses! Lizzie has a black nose and Ally has a much lighter nose, more brownish. There are other differences, but that’s the easiest one to spot!” They have extremely charming photos on Instagram, but today we showcase you their Christmas themed captures each of which will make you melt. Enjoy!