Everything a Senior Living Alone Needs for a Comfortable Life

Senior life is hard physically and mentally. They get frustrated because they can no longer do the chores they were once good at. Aging is not something to be taken lightly. For instance, our bodies get weaker, we become more liable to falls and fractures, and we sometimes forget how to do simple tasks. It is even more depressing to be dependent on other people. The best thing to do is to allow seniors to live alone without forcing them to go to a nursing house. Simple tips can provide them with the comfort and safety they need to feel independent.

Rearrange the Living Space

The house should be rearranged to make the transition to the geriatric phase easier. First of all, make sure that everything you need is on the first floor. Eliminate stairs because they are very hard for seniors to keep going up and down. Joints ache with age, and the balance center deteriorates. Accordingly, they will either get too tired from climbing the stairs or might fall and hurt themselves badly. So, either keep the essentials near them or install an incliner that will aid them in reaching the other floors.


A neat place is easy on the eyes and in turn, on mental health. It is hard for you to clean the house regularly, so consider hiring a maid that comes weekly and keeps the place clean. Moreover, a dirty home is a magnet to various diseases that are hard for the elderly to fight off due to the declined immune system.


Furthermore, a well-lit apartment will prevent injuries because seniors will see clearly. The eyesight gets poorer with age, so make sure to increase the number of lamps and light bulbs. You should avoid candles because they may stay lit for a while and start a fire if left unattended.

Taking Care of Medical Health

Some seniors suffer from life-threatening diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems. They can sense the symptoms of a crisis before it happens, but sometimes they are not fast enough to call for help. You’ll find that installing medical alert systems on smartwatches may be one of the best options. They can be connected to the caretaker’s phone and will send them a notification in case of an emergency. A GPS can be added to help loved ones reach their seniors as fast as possible. Moreover, they can measure heartbeats and oxygen levels and alert you if you need to take a pill or wear a respiratory aid.

Sleeping Schedule and Rituals

Getting plenty of rest is important. They function better when they are not tired or sleepy. However, their sleeping schedule gets disturbed either due to insomnia or oversleeping. So, adjusting their bodies to sleep between seven to eight hours per day can take some effort at first. Moreover, going to bed early is better than sleeping after midnight.


If you have trouble sleeping, you can adopt a bedtime ritual that can help you. For instance, grabbing a book can make you feel drowsy. Some people prefer bathing and meditating to calm themselves before dozing off. You should avoid staring at a screen because it makes people alert. Another old-fashioned idea is listening to the radio. Some presenters tell stories or play music.

Stay Mentally Active

Some games and exercises can slow down the effect of aging on cognitive health and improve your mental ability. For instance, puzzles and sudoku are great at provoking the right and left lobes. Using the analytical and creative parts of the brain at the same time decreases the symptoms of dementia and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. They are entertaining too, as they kill some time and decrease negative feelings such as loneliness and nostalgia.

Connect With Loved Ones

Life’s fast pace drives people apart. Children grow up and lead a busy lifestyle so they barely stay connected to their parents. However, when the elderly need their loved ones around them especially after retirement. They become vulnerable and question their purpose in life. They sometimes think that they no longer belong in the world. That’s why it’s essential to stay in touch with siblings, children, or friends to realize that there is more to this world than work.



Living alone is doable and can be comfortable if you made some adjustments. Seniors don’t have to live with someone or be sent away to a nursing home. They can take care of themselves with a little help from their loved ones. That way, they will live the rest of their lives happily without feeling inadequate. Being in control of one’s fate is one of the best feelings, so don’t deny yourself or others that.