Every Foodie Needs To Visit THESE 5 El Paso Restaurants

Let’s be honest we all love food. It’s what we do at least three times a day. And if it were healthy to eat about 10 mores times a day we probably would, or at least I would. As a foodie I pride myself on the delicious and diverse foods I get to eat in different areas. Now El Paso is prime real estate for us foodies to visit. After eating at these five restaurants you will absolutely be looking for homes for sale in El Paso, Texas. I know I am.

Café Mayapán
Café Mayapán, 2000 Texas Ave, El Paso, TX, USA, +1 915 217 1126
We. Live. Our. Values. And For Cafe Mayapan they value Mexico and utilize their culinary skills to embrace their culture and historical background. This cafe is profound in what they are trying to achieve. They define themselves as a La Mujer Obrera, it is a local independent organization dedicated to creating communities defined by women. It celebrates basic human rights,employment, housing, education, nutrition, health, peace, and political liberty. According to the restaurants home page La Mujer Obrera is fighting the” undeclared war” on marginalized women workers of mexican heritage.

We live our values. Well now we eat their values. As a foodie I feel the food speaks louder than words. And boy do I hear this! This is a must visit restaurant. Not only is the food amazing but the simplistic nature of how the food is traditionally prepared is outstanding and a true representation of what this restaurant is trying to accomplish.

El Paso Texas is more than just food. We eat everyday and you do not come by this ingenuity everyday.

2. Salma Farah’s
4126 N. Mesa , El Paso, TX, USA
As Foodies we go out to explore what great foods and restaurants that have yet to be found. Salma Farah’s is a hole in the wall Mediterranean food in El Paso yet another reason to move there. Huge portion sized gyros, great prices, and its all made by hand; it’s a foodies food heaven!

Even though Mexican food is a staple in El Paso Texas, this is a must see or for us foodies a “must eat” restaurant. I Highly recommend ordering more than you can eat so you can thank yourself later for taking home delicious leftovers.

3. Foodville
El Paso, Texas

What’s better than a restaurant? More restaurants! But how about food trucks? On the average day us foodies are on the lookout for unique and delicious food. Foodville is where it’s at. The food trucks rotate, so you’ll need to like their Facebook page for daily updates.

Foodville has a diverse offering, Tacos, sushi, cupcakes, zucchini fries and many more. Mmmm… sounds delicious. The best part of Foodville is that you never know what you are going to find because its constantly changing. Sounds like a foodies playground!

This is a need to visit over and over and over again area, better than your average restaurant… Foodville!

4. L & J Cafe
3622 E. Missouri Ave., El Paso, TX 79903 915-566-8418

Claiming to be the best L & J Cafe serves up an authentic take on mexican food local to the border. Their cafe phrase is “The Old Place By The Graveyard” . Sounds interesting! This restaurant holds a lot of historical background along with providing a great atmosphere for the average consumer.

Swing by here to get a taste of culture and one of the most highly ranked restaurants in El Paso with a 5 star food rating.

As for us foodies this is a prime restaurant to get great authentic mexican food and experience a culture unique to L & J Cafe.

On your way out grab some of their salsa to take home with you, bring your own taste of mexico to your home.

5. Cattleman’s Steakhouse
3450 S Fabens Carlsbad Rd, Fabens, TX 79838

Saddle up for some delicious food when you come to Cattleman’s Steakhouse. This rustic steakhouse should definitely be on every foodie’s list to visit for several reasons. The first, Cattleman’s has been featured in different television shows, magazines and has been propped up with amazing reviews.

Cattleman’s Steakhouse is a classic take on how steak should be made…. Texas style. El paso has brung an amazing steakhouse at a 4.9 star review.

Step into this classic take on what the countryside is like at Cattleman’s Steakhouse.

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