Vibrant Cat Illustrations Created by Turkish Artist Ercument Aksoy

Istanbul, Turkey based Ercüment Aksoy works as an industrial designer and illustrator, and he draws mostly through procreate. He takes his inspiration from nature, animals and especially cats. We had an online interview with him and he told us about himself and his art work. “I’ve been drawing since my childhood, I started drawing professionally about 25 years ago when I was at university. I like to use plain lines and warm colors in my works. I have two nft projects that I am working on now, namely catroyshka and diadomdfrens. My future plan is to create an illustrated children’s book and to focus on my NFT projects.” he stated about what he does. We are hooked by his catroyshka series which includes many creative versions of a cat & matrushka blend of illustrations. You can see our selection from Ercüment’s portfolio below. Just take a look at his art pieces and let us know what you think using the comment box.