Endearing Newborn And Children Photography by Ksenia Belanger

Ksenia Belanger is a photographer from North Carolina who specialized in fine art photography. Born and raised in Russia, she often draws inspiration from her childhood memories. She is mom of 3 and loves documenting children and their milestones as well as maternity and families. “Photography is my passion and I love finding extraordinary in every single day. Childhood photography is one of my favourite…. mainly, because that’s where my story begins…” she states on her blog. She has a unique perspective for photography especially children photography, in which she uses the light skillfully to make lovely compositions. “I’m a light lover, especially the golden hour and you can see that I’m drawn to golden tones. My boys and I enjoy watching the sunsets every time we get a chance and we even call ourselves “sunset chasers”. Storyteller, enthusiastic, adventurous soul are some of the words that could describe my photography style. I love the use of light in my photographs, I love to tell stories using feelings and connection during my sessions. I feel that my art is inspired by Vermeer and his use of light and shadows and colors.” she describes her style, adding that; “I would be delighted to preserve your precious moments and turn them into most treasured photographs. I love my job and would be honored to document your love story whether it’s with your family, your babies, your partner in crime, or yourself.” Today, we’ve selected some of her most adorable newborn and children photograhy examples.