Candid Black and White Street Photography by Emre Baser

Talented photographer and director Emre Baser moved to the USA in 1999 and he is currently based in Los Angeles. He calls himself a street photographer and he is passionate about portraying both cities and people. He mostly prefers presenting his captures in black and white, which brings more focus on the subject and the images. Nothing more, nothing less. We wondered about his story and got in touch with him via email and he told us his story as follows; “I have a degree in film production. So I was always into anything creative. My dad was very interested in technology when I was growing up. I remember having a few photo cameras and a 8mm film camera in the house. At one point he was developing and printing in the bathroom. I guess I was inspired by him and my Uncle, Tevfik Baser. a well known film director and producer.” Then he moved to New York in 2016, which is one of the most inspirational cities of the world, especially for the photographers and artists. “It is a city that you cant take a bad photo. It is visually and creatively inspiring. I think I shot 20 thousand photos of the city in the 3 years that I lived there. I used to go out and just walk. find new spots and people on the way. I can say I’m a street photographer. But not just the people I also want to record the cities. They change so rapidly sometimes the only evidence is a photo. I used to take the G train, At the Metropolitan station there was a bench. It was right under the station sign. Every Time I was I was there, I took a photo of people sitting on it. Seasons changed, people changed, the bench was always there. Last summer I was in NYC for a week. The first thing I wanted to do is take a photo of the bench. For some reason they moved it to the left. So there was no way to replicate the photos I have.” he stated in our interview. We’ve selected some of his best black and white street photography examples for you today. If you are interested in this type of photography, you must follow Emre Baser on Instagram to stay tuned with his latest captures.