Side-by-Side Comparison of Colorful Eye Makeup Designs and Bugs that Inspired Them

She’s a bug enthusiast and makeup artist, her work is creative, exotic, and truly one of a kind. Duran Jay is a UK-based makeup artist who does eye makeup inspired by bugs, insects, and other beautiful species. Her interest in bugs exists for many years, and she has always enjoyed being creative with her personal style. During the boredom of lockdown, the idea of Entomakeup was born. A bit of fun, a bit of challenge, and her wish to showcase some of the most stunning invertebrates, but also give a little appreciation to those that aren’t as pretty. For Jay, the response she got on Instagram was incredible. Her followers are very engaged, positive, and supportive, and they’re also sending her photos of new species they think look interesting. Be sure to follow Duran Jay on Instagram and take a look at the gallery below where you can find some of the greatest examples of her eye makeup.


“Orchid mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) feat. my very own Trixie.”

Photo credits: Duran Jay

Uraniid moth (Alcides aurora)

“Niepelt’s eyed silkmoth caterpillar (Automeris niepelti) – despite how cute these may look, that colourful ‘fluff’ is actually made up of urticating spines that are quite venomous!”

Notodontid moth caterpillar (Lobeza medina)

Amazon blue bloom tarantula (Xenesthis intermedia)

Goliath beetle (Goliathus goliathus), one of the largest insects on the planet

Roseate emperor (Eochroa trimenii)

Orchid bee (Euglossa hansoni)

Giraffe weevil (Trachelophorus giraffa)

“Mirror spiders (Thwaitesia argentiopunctata) use reflective guanine to display their unique colouration, which is actually the same thing found in our shampoo that gives it that pearly iridescent sheen.”

Purple-stained daggerwing (Marpesia marcella valetta)

Green dragontail (Lamproptera meges)

Flower chafer (Gymnetis pudibunda)

“The Chilean tarantula (Grammostola porteri) belongs to the Grammostola genus, which contains 21 species of New World tarantula.”

Giant Peruvian silkmoth (Copaxa medea)

“Finally, the highly-requested and long-awaited Picasso bug (Sphaerocoris annulus).”