Don’t Know What to Do with All Those Facebook Photos? Here Are Some Ideas

Physical photos are a very versatile format. Since they’re usually paper with a sheen, they can be cut, they can be glued, they can be folded, etc. and that results in a lot of ways you can use them.

And yet, all our photos are on our social media accounts, serving no other purpose than to be scrolled past, or perhaps gaining some likes. And we take lots of them. Just about anything is worth taking a picture of, be it bad or good, as long as it’s worth remembering.

But what about the good ones? What should we do with them if we want to remember them forever? Well, we would posit you should print them. But what then? Keep them in a pile in a shoebox at the back of the cupboard? Surely, there are better options.

We think there is. Take a look at our ideas for what to do with those Facebook photos.

Photo album

The best way of keeping your photos is in a photo book. You can store loads of photos in one place, which is important when we all have a camera in our pockets at any given moment. Pull it out when you need a hit of nostalgia and flip through the memories. Or keep it on the coffee table and use it to start a conversation like a coffee table book. Use it as something your guest can look at while you go and make the tea.

You can have as many as you want, with themes like holidays, weddings, friends, family, etc. Personalise them with your own doodle and notes, or head to My Social Book for a Facebook photobook, which will take the photos from your social media accounts and print them out in a photobook for you to enjoy.


There are a lot of ways you can use photos to decorate your home. You can frame them and have them dotted around on tables or shelves, you can glue them to magnets and have them decorating the fridge, but for a large and impactful move you should try a collage.

If you get yourself a large frame, you can fill it with printed photos whatever way you wish, bringing together family and friends, memory and future, in a collection of moments.

If a collage is too chaotic for you, there is a great trend in gallery walls right now. All of those little photos dotted around the home can come together for a cluster of coordinated but different styles and moments on the wall.


Another way to keep your photos is with the jigsaw puzzle. You can have your favourite photo printed on a jigsaw and pull it out to put it together whenever you want some interaction with your photos.

But there is also the concept of trading cards or trivia cards. Print your photos and add perhaps some trivia about the moment depicted. “Why were we in this supermarket?” Answer: “It was technically our honeymoon”. Add strengths and weaknesses to photos of your friends and see if the gang can guess who they are referring to.