Discover the Truth About Car Parks and Whether They are Getting Smaller

Car parks are a very controversial subject. Many people think cars, and car parks should be abolished, especially in cities. This would be better for the environment and free up vital space for new developments.

However, for many people this is not a practical option, they need their car to get to and from work. It’s the cheapest and most practical approach, even with the expense of parking. Yet, despite the astronomical amount people spend on car parking, the spaces appear to be getting smaller.

The Problem With Small car Parking Spaces

Small car parking spaces can make it difficult to get your car between the lines. Of course, if you miss the lines you’ll end up getting fined, dramatically increasing the cost of your car parking.

That’s a relatively small issue in comparison to the damage that can be done to your vehicle when the person in the car next to you opens their door on your car. It’s surprising how quickly you’ll end up with an array of small dinks in your vehicle.

Of course, you may also find it difficult to get in and out of your car, especially if you have a baby on board.

A Viable Alternative

Before you waste too much time wondering about the size of car parking spaces and the damage that can be done to your vehicle, you should consider using a service that offers cheap monthly parking Chicago. You’ll be able to rent a space through the company and that space is yours for as long as you want it. That means you’ll always have somewhere to park and you won’t need to worry about your car getting damaged.

It’s not just better for your car, you’ll also find your trips into the city are less stressful because you already know you can park. That can also save a lot of time as you’re not looking for spaces.


Are Spaces Really Smaller?

The bottom line is that spaces are shrinking. But, not by as much as you may think. Cars are also growing. While large vehicles have stayed roughly the same size, smaller ones have needed to get larger in order to accommodate all the modern safety features.

This has resulted in the appearance of larger vehicles, even if the cars are classed as small cars.

Coupe this with slightly smaller parking spaces and you can see why there is an issue.

Of course, shrinking parking spaces is a way to deal with the increase in demand for parking and generate more profit for the car park owners. However, there are plenty of free spaces in cities as most homeowners have an allocated space and no car.

These are the people that rent their space to you and help to resolve the parking issues. By signing up you’re saving money and decreasing demand for the main car parking facilities. That’s going to help prevent the spaces from shrinking further and keep costs down for others.