Designing Your Bedroom to Create the Perfect Night Sleep

Creating the perfect night’s sleep should be high on your list as you design or redo the decor and layout of your bedroom. Your sleep environment allows you to rest, refresh, and recharge from the stress of the day. As you strive to create a bedroom that meets your taste, style, and function, you can also incorporate some simple changes to enhance your ability to get a great night of sleep.


Color and Layout

As you consider the decor for your bedroom, pick color palettes that create a soothing experience, such as cool tones of blue. Limit patterns since these can be visually overwhelming to your already tired eyes and stick with solid colors when possible.


The layout of your bedroom furniture is also a key component to creating a soothing sleep environment. If you have an east-facing window that allows for abundant sunlight at sunrise, consider positioning your bed to avoid bright light in your eyes as you awaken. Eliminate clutter by removing items or furniture that isn’t necessary to give your bedroom an open, airy feeling and allow for good airflow throughout the night.


Consider All of Your Senses


Even while we sleep, our senses are working, taking in information and responding to stimuli. As you create a bedroom that allows you to get quality sleep, consider how you can help your body and brain fully relax by addressing all of your sensory needs. Some ideas include:


  • Sight: not only should your bedroom feature a visually soothing color palette, you should also limit the amount of artificial light in your bedroom with light dimmers.
  • Sound: while some people sleep best in absolute silence, others sleep well with soothing sounds of nature or a white noise device.
  • Smell: certain scents enhance your body’s ability to relax, such as lavender.
  • Taste: reduce snacks as you approach bedtime and use a pleasant toothpaste or mouthwash that leaves your mouth feeling cool and refreshed.
  • Touch: choose bedding that comforts your skin and set your thermostat lower to create a cool sleeping climate.

Mattress and Bedding

One of the most critical components of your bedroom is your bed, which includes your mattress and bedding. Take the time to shop for a mattress that fits your size, sleeping arrangements, and comfort levels. Investing in a good mattress can help you sleep better and wake up refreshed. Additionally, a mattress that supports your spine and joints will increase your mobility and may help to decrease pain and stiffness while awake.

Your bedding choices are also key to sleeping well. Bedding should be soft and comfortable to your skin’s touch, creating a pleasant sensation. If you live in a climate where summer weather is hot and winter weather is cold, consider changing your bedding as the seasons change to either decrease or increase the warmth of your bedding. Bedding should be washed regularly to reduce allergens, dirt, and dust.

Welcome Fluffy or Fido

If you have an animal companion, consider allowing your pet to sleep on the end of your bed with you. The positive benefits of having a dog or a cat companion include reduced stress and anxiety, a lower sense of loneliness, and a feeling of security and safety, benefits that can help you as you seek to create the perfect night’s sleep.

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