Delicately Inked Minimalistic Fine Line Tattoos by Tiny Tattoo Queen

Victoria Love, aka Tiny Tattoo Queen, from Knoxville, The USA currently works as a tiny tattoo artist and trainer. She’d recently worked as brow artist for 6 years, then one day she decided to get a tiny rose tattoo which let her enter the world of tattoo art. “I decided to get a tiny tattoo for myself, then searched Pinterest and found a tiny delicate rose that I absolutely had to get done. So I got an appointment from a tattoo studio in the neighbourhood and couldn’t wait for the day. But, unfortunately, it went not the way I planned. The studio was clean and everything seemed fine, until I met my artist. He came to me andlooked at the picture of my dream rose and said sorry I can’t do that, as I don’t even have the needles for it.” Then she went to another tattoo shop, but the artist there told her that the rose in the photo was a sticker as it couldn’t be done that small. After that disappointing moment, she decided to learn how to make these fine line tattoos and she not only became a tattoo artist, but also started to teach tiny tattoos to professional PMU artists. She creates many visually distinctive, interesting and fun tiny tattoos to help you express yourself. “​Tiny Tattoos are amazing and they help you stand out and make a great impression. But at the same time they don’t require you to cover your body in a full suit of body art. Which is why many celebrities love tiny tattoos. And you should get one too, because it makes you stand out, it boosts your confidence level and it’s a fun way to show off your ideas as well!” Victoria expresses on their studio’s website. Before having such a special tattoo, we highly recommend you check out the artist’s portfolio to see how specialised he or she is. Today, we showcase some of our favourite tiny tattoo designs from her feed on Instagram. Just check them out and tell us the one you like the most!