De Meal Pepper’s Delicious & Mesmerizing Food Art

De Meal Prepper is the name and she knows the secret to make your food look too beautiful to touch. Food artist from Netherlands can make you starve while looking at her glorious meals. She’s always looking for new creative concepts and her best advice for people trying to start a new food business is BE ORIGINAL. “I create food art based on different kinds of ingrediënts and recipes, in various categories and styles. Flowers, plants and trees, monuments, cities, plating design of all kinds of recipes, from starters to desserts.” Original designs, based on tasty recipes, De Meal Pepper will have occupied trying to replicate what she does for years to come. You can contact her if you’re looking for a special plating design for your event, catering or company. Visit her Instagram and official website.


De Meal Prepper is a Dutch food artist with anti-gluttony inducing Instagram

Everything looks so beautiful you would not want to eat it

The picturesque meals are crime if defiled

Stay strong buddy

Unicorn Delight! Creamy turnip puree with carrots, sweet corn, peas, rucola broccoli, and bell peppers. Spice with salt, pepper, and nutmeg, and serve with a creamy cheese sauce. Enjoy!

Be original, the artist emphasizes!

“Creamy garlic mashed potatoes with tomato sauce and yoghurt topping. Ho ho ho!”

Make sure to visit her Instagram for more brilliant designs/recipes

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