Dating Tips for Australian Christians

In the modern world, Christians are slowly becoming the minority. As such, you might find it hard to find a romantic partner who also shares your same religious beliefs, but that doesn’t mean to say that it’s impossible! While dating as a Christian in first-world countries like Australia can certainly be challenging, the perfect partnership that God has in store for you is definitely worth the wait.

Five Ways to Keep Faith Alive in Your Romantic Life

  1. Make Sure You Use the Right Tools

If you question yourself about where to find a partner, ensure you explored all the ways to meet Christian men or women for dating – like going online! When it comes to Christian dating in Australia, singles don’t always have the same idea of where to find the right partner. While getting introduced to someone may be manageable, it’s important to recognize when the close circle of friends and fellow Church-goers isn’t going to cut it anymore. It becomes useful to consider other options for Christian dating, like reading the reviews for the Australian online dating sites dedicated to those with sincere faith.

  1. Don’t Hold Your Partner’s Sexual Past Against Them

The Bible says we must remain celibate until marriage. However, you might find yourself in love with someone who had loved previously before and consummated their love in more ways than you approve. If that’s the case, then you need to decide whether this is a burden you can bear or not. If so, then you can’t hold their past mistakes against them. Every one of us has regrets, so while you may not have reached that step in the relationship, you’re no better in the Lord’s eyes than them. Forgiveness is one of the most important lessons of the Bible; this is the perfect time to practice it!

  1. When Your Partner Makes A Mistake, Grow From It

For better or for worse, people are bound to make mistakes from time to time. Part of maintaining a relationship is accepting when your dating partner makes mistakes (or vice versa) and coming together as a couple to grow from these slip-ups. There are many mistakes that can be made, from tiny white lies to acts of blasphemy: whatever the mistakes are, it’s important that you use these as opportunities to deepen your faith & grow as Christians.

  1. Limit Your Minutes On Social Media

While social media plays a big role in modern life, it can’t be overlooked the negative impacts that it has on society. It’s ok to spend a small amount of time using it, but avoid making it a centerpiece of your life. The Lord should be at the center of your life, not the number of “Likes” or “retweets” you can attain online. Consider making a couple’s account so you can use social media together. This will help reduce temptation while also providing you with something to do as a couple. It’s better to spend your time doing things that can be beneficial for your relationship, like traveling together to see the wonders the Lord has created.

  1. Pray Together

As Christians, it’s important to keep God in your life. While attending church together is a great starting point for dating, we strongly recommend praying together as well. This is a great practice that can be perfect for the end of a night, the beginning of a day, or even at the start of a meal. Couples who pray together allow Jesus into their hearts, which strengthens their relationship from both a romantic & a spiritual standpoint.

Love In All That You Do

Whether it’s love in your relationship or love in your faith, it’s important that you remain passionate in all that you do. The Lord often tests us, having us hold out for long periods of time before giving us what our heart truly desires. However, if you can resist temptation, remain strong in your faith, and wait patiently, you’re sure to find your perfect Christian counterpart in due time!