Dating at a Distance or in Your City: Pros and Cons

The discussion between searching for a relationship locally or anywhere in the world has been going on for quite some time. Opinions are still divided at this point, with many arguments possible for each option, but just as the balance shifts towards international dating a little, it moves right back to local.

Let’s see what the Pros and Cons are for both options and pick the one true winner once and for all.

Con Local – Local Means Further Than You Think

Many think that local means exactly in your city, maybe even your neighborhood if possible, but people’s limits for finding a partner differ. Many people have said that they’ve drawn the line for finding a partner at their state’s borders, not within the same city.

But, some still prefer finding a match in their city or neighborhood if possible, although it’s not imperative. Thus the happy middle is not local, nor is it long-distance; it’s medium distance or, better yet – as close as possible within a wide area so that you have “plenty of fish in the sea”.

Pro Local – Closer Is Better

As it can be seen from Lustylocals(which is a representative of top-rated online dating websites), when using the internet to find a match, people generally limit their search to 30 or fewer miles.

Over two-thirds of the people agree that 30 miles mark is the furthest they would go from home to get a date. Of course, if this search doesn’t yield results, they would consider widening the area. And it’s successful in most cases, as many say.

Con Long-Distance – not Everyone Is Open to It

When it comes to long-distance dating, not everyone is willing to give it a try. Over 40% are completely against it, while about 27% would give it a try. Still, if it naturally happens and they end up in a long-distance relationship, 44% will consider moving into their partner’s home, while 26% are utterly against the idea of moving.

Since many singles aren’t even willing to try, you have better odds of starting a relationship nearby than far away.

Con Long-Distance – Moving in Together

While many will consider moving to a different city or country to be with their partner, it seems that this will only be thought after at least six months have passed, if not more. Almost 70% agree with this, so you shouldn’t be looking for rentals until you are both sure of your decision.

On the other hand, if you are dating nearby, you won’t have to move or force your relationship to go to the next level before it’s ready. You can each live where you’ve lived before meeting and create a dating schedule that works. Eventually, when you are prepared for it, you can move in together.

Pro Online Dating – Both Long-Distance and Local Relationships Can Work

The only conclusion that makes sense is that everyone is different, and what applies to one couple might not apply to the next. What is certain is that more and more people are meeting on an online dating website (at least 30% and growing each year).

Since online you can use several filters and set your exact preferences and get to know everyone better before interacting with them; the chances are that near or far, your relationship has better odds of working out, especially if you discuss all your expectations from the beginning and know how to handle bumps along the way.