Impressive Fashion and Beauty Photography by Daryna Barykina

Florida based Daryna Barykina is a beauty and self-portraiture photographer, who specializes in stylized conceptual vivid imagery. Ukranian lens graduated from the Kyiv School of Photography in 2010. She has always been captivated by the power of advertising and its widespread visual impact. As a teenager, she secretly tore out advertising pages in fashion magazines in the waiting room of a beauty salon, where her mother was getting her hair done. After few years, she gathered an impressive collection of inspiration, which will always remind her of an early passion and desire to create. She began her career as a beauty and self-portraiture photographer soon after she moved to the USA with her family. Currently, Daryna teaches photography classes for hairdressers at the hair shows across the United States. She also launched a number of in-depth workshops for smaller groups which she teaches at individual salons and beauty schools on demand. work can be seen in major professional beauty magazines worldwide. She has an amazing portfolio of fashion and beauty captures. She creates memorable images by combining well-crafted lighting with vibrant color palette. Below you can see our favourite images from her feed. Just take a look at them and state your opinions in the comment box.