Lovely Dog+Human Photo Sessions by Darina Stoda

Photographer Darina Stoda is based in a small village in Cambridgeshire/Norfolk border. She is specialised in wedding photography and describes her style as ‘moody’, ‘atmospheric’ and ‘documentary’. She says; “I capture moments and feelings. They are not staged, they are real. For me to capture your true energy, you need to allow me into your space. Embrace laughter, tears and every emotion you’re experiencing. Don’t hide it from me.” She is passionate about challenging her talents and creativity by trying new things. As a dog owner, her latest passion is dog+human sessions as she explains; “My adventure buddy is a spaniel Moka. He is pretty bonkers, but he loves humans, attention and the sea.” and adds that; “I’ve been wanting to launch this session for years. My spaniel is coming up to 4 years now and I just love him more and more every day. Dogs are so so special, and this session is dedicated to them. My aim is to capture the incredible bond between you and your pooch. It’s all about how you interact with each other, the connection and understanding. This is not just pet photography, it’s more than that.” It is lovely to see how a dog pops in to the wedding hall and steals the show for some time as its humans get married. Take a look at Darina’s photos and let us know whether you agree with us or not.