Community Accountability for Junk in Brooklyn


Brooklyn, New York, as a whole, produces over 500,000 tons of trash on an annual basis. A vast majority of that is dumped into landfills. However, some are burned for energy or become fertilizer. It is essential that we, as a collective, make sure that a higher percentage of the junk produced is discarded of properly and, if possible, is repurposed. This is why junk gathering services in Brooklyn are imperative.

Royal Junk is taking on the challenge of working to be more responsible for the trash in the Brooklyn Area. Although there are four landfills in the vicinity, and many more across the country that waste is transported to, we need to learn to be more responsible with our trash. One of the most essential things that can be done is to build community responsibility. This includes everyone living in the area, as well as companies like Royal Junk who are working to dispose of trash in the area. Here are some ways to build community accountability and responsibility for trash:

Shift How We Talk About Trash

Trash is so often stigmatized as being disgusting, gross, useless, and a wide array of other negative adjectives. Instead of treating waste like something that is unsightly or needs to be discarded immediately, we need to start talking about trash in a way that considers its life after the life it has had with each of us. For instance, it is easy to use a piece of paper and then throw that piece of paper away, completely forgetting about it. Especially if the paper is crumpled up, it instantly becomes an item that should be thrown in the nearest trash bin.

However, we need to stop treating objects like they are either trash or not trash and start treating them like they are a more significant part of the cycle. Instead of focusing on instantly ridding yourself of things, try focusing on considering where they will end up next. For instance, many places recycle paper and other goods to make objects like water bottles, furniture, and even clothes.

Shift How We Treat Our Objects

We are living in a world that considers so many things to be disposable. In addition to discarding trash property, it is also necessary to work to produce less trash. For instance, instead of buying a pack of plastic straws, consider buying one or two reusable metal straws. They can be used over and over again, and last years at a time. On the other hand, plastic straws are usually one use only and are incredibly bad for the environment and for our oceans.

Take Individual Accountability

The most important thing each person can do is take the first step. This may mean choosing to recycle consistently. This may mean choosing to properly discard an item that may be toxic for the environment, like computers. This may also mean selling an item second hand instead of ending its use by throwing it out. Whatever it may be, the action starts with each individual and the decisions that they make as an individual and community.

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