Photographer Creates Impressive Flat Lays Including Her Morning Coffee

German photographer Lisa Klein lives in Solingen, North Rhine-Westphalia, with her husband Kevin and her cat Kila. She started taking photos 4 years ago with nature and macro genres, and still life photography is her current interest. “Photography has actually been with me since I can think. As a small child, I turned my room into a photo studio to take pictures of my siblings. In 2017 I got my first “real” camera and since then it has been with me every day. Capturing fleeting moments is just incredibly fascinating for me.” she states on her blog, adding that; “Nothing makes me happier than discovering new subjects with the camera in my luggage. Nature with all its facets is so inspiring! Whether it’s long walks in the woods, weekend trips, long-planned trips around the world or the garden at home – I believe that you can find beautiful motifs in the most inconspicuous places if you just look.” Besides nature, she also gets inspired by small and simple things. She explains; “To be in nature. Be creative. Get up early to find a butterfly covered in dew. The scent of fresh summer rain. Meadows full of wild flowers. Warm summer nights. Make things visible that are initially given little attention.” When we asked her about her future plans in our online interview, she answered us as follows; “I put all my heart into photography. I work every day to get better, to develop myself further, to learn and to give my pictures a personal touch. It would be really great if one day I could sell my photos or could give some workshops to help other photographers.” Besides macro and nature photography, she recently shares impressive flat lay compositions including her morning coffee as the leading star. She prefers dark and moody look mixed with bright colors for such compositions and uses ordinary things such as fruits, dried flowers, cinnamon sticks, etc. to accompany the coffee mug which results in charming examples for still life photography. Below we showcase some of our favourite photos of her. You can follow Lisa on Instagram for more.